Every year, I’m fortunate enough to go on a weeklong surf trip with just a bunch of dudes. And this year’s no different. We’ve been to Costa Rica once, Nicaragua twice, and we’re going to El Salvador this year for a second time. When we started doing these trips in 2010, I thought it was tough to pack for a weeklong surf trip because we try to reduce our cost by not checking any bags and only bringing a duffle bag and backpack full of clothes and personal items. After a few trips, I realized that there were only a few things that I needed and couldn’t live without. T-shirts: typically about 3 or 4 are all that’s necessary. Tank tops: Everyone in Central America wears them like a t-shirt so might as well fit in. Plus it helps reduce space in your bags. I usually bring about 2 or 3. Shorts: About 3 or 4 pairs are all you need. Swimsuits: You only need about 2 or 3 pairs and you can use the clean ones as shorts to make sure you have a clean pair of shorts to go home in. Hammock: There are plenty of places to...

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