I realized this post was relevant as I am now in crunch time of planning, since I somewhat changed the route once again. I will now be leaving in two weeks by train to Atlanta, Georgia where I will skate the Ladiga trail to Alabama and then head to Miami for Ultra-Skate. After Ultra, I’ll begin on the East Coast Greenway from the start. Doing all this on my board just shows how longboarding is an awesome sport that you can use as great form of exercise, as well as gain some great thrills. These are probably two of the main reasons I do longboard. I love pushing for miles, coming to some good downhill section and bombing it at 40mph (at the same time pushing up some big hill you can only hope is just as good on the other side). It’s an awesome feeling cresting that big hill. So, if you’re just getting into longboarding, then first things first:  you’ll need a helmet. And if the thrill factor is what you’re going for, then I’d recommend some slide gloves too. Knee pads and elbow pads are always a good idea if you’re just learning how to slide, but...

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