Touch A Life Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas that works to rehabilitate and support children who are vulnerable to trafficking, child labor and slavery in Southeast Asia and West Africa. With programs in Vietnam, Cambodia and Ghana, Touch A Life rescues, houses and educates exploited children. Touch A Life Co-Founders, Pam and Randy Cope created this inspiring foundation in 1999 after traveling to Southeast Asia to visit friends who run an orphanage in Vietnam. Here, the Copes saw poverty they never imagined. Their hearts went out especially to the street children (known as doi moi – “dust of the earth”) who were forced to live and beg on the streets, enduring hunger, abuse and the constant danger of being picked up by child traffickers and forced into a life of slavery. What started as a small apartment in Saigon, where they housed 15 rescued street children, grew and expanded to become a non-profit that provides vulnerable children across the globe with three meals a day, clothing, education, a loving family, resources to improve their futures and, above all, hope.   Touch A Life currently runs an empowerment program in Vietnam that offers assistance with school tuition, food...

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