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The Canary Islands are nothing if not a varied holiday destination, at once offering the horizontal tranquility of golden beaches and the rugged beauty of Lanzarote’s stark, volcanic landscapes.
I’m all about exploring unfamiliar places. I mean, I’m in the desert, so “yay” to seeing more than cactus and dirt. Iceland really didn’t make my list until earlier this year.
With mountainous landscapes and historical hill forts aplenty, Scotland is a country that’s awash with adventure and exciting hotspots to explore.
I found out about the Pinnacles National Park back in 2013 when it was officially declared the newest National Park in California (it had previously been a national monument) and I have wanted to visit ever since.
Fall may have only just begun, but it’s about time to start planning winter trips. With many people hesitant to take the standard Caribbean winter escape due to Zika concerns, it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to winter getaways.
Most serious hikers would agree that a good hike should have some distinctive attribute that makes it memorable. A three mile stroll through the woods is fine, but throw in a waterfall or a cliff-side trail and it quickly becomes something much more noteworthy. Nothing fits the bill more than climbing to the top of a volcano. Whether it’s active or dormant, a volcanic hike promises to be anything but ordinary. Here are a few of the best volcano hikes in the world…well, at least the best volcano hikes we have done…OK, the only volcano hikes we have done.   Cerro Chato – La Fortuna, Costa Rica (Dormant) Hiking Cerro Chato provides hikers with the rare opportunity to swim in a volcano (water not magma). We did this hike on our honeymoon last summer and it was easily one of the highlights of the trip. The resorts and travel agencies in the area will recommend doing this hike with a tour guide which costs over $100 per person, but we would recommend taking a taxi to the trail head and climbing without a guide. The entrance fee is only $12. The tour groups that we passed all seemed miserable and...
For the common budget traveler, buying your food from stands and supermarkets can be a great way to minimize expenses and give yourself the flavors of a region. However, most markets these days carry many similar items to what we can find at home and, as creatures of comfort, we’ll tend to buy what we know. One way to get around this pitfall of human behavior is to get an idea of how the locals use their ingredients. Here in Argentina, it was immediately apparent that meat was the central basis of all important meals. More so, we found that the style of cooking it mattered as much, or more, than the quality of cut you used. So for this first post in How to Grocery Shop in Latin America (a 4-part series), we’ll talk about the Argentine Asado and what you’ll need to have a successful meal with your new culinary insights. Let’s start by defining what this term means: Asado is a term used both for a range of barbecue techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbecue in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, where it is an exceptionally popular dish. In these countries, asado is a traditional...
Freebies, Freebies, and more Freebies You’d be surprised to find out how much your taxpayer’s dollar gets you. Many national parks provide free amenities such as snowshoe rentals, guided hikes, and even boat rides free of charge! The day trip entrance fee is usually $15 a person or $30 a car, but the National Park Service is kind enough to host entrance fee-FREE days. In 2016 this includes 4/16-4/24 (National Park Week), 8/25-8/28 (National Park Birthday Week), 9/24 (National Public Lands Day), and 11/11 (Veterans Day).   Plan Your Route in Advance- Apps are your best friend If you are going to hit multiple National Parks/destinations, be sure to whip out mapquest planner to see what the most efficient route is. With these long rides the cost of gas makes quite the difference (if you are anywhere near as broke as I am). The app “Gas Buddy” allows you to compare gas price along the way. Other useful apps include “SitorSquat” check out the state of the bathrooms, and “iExit” which shows which amenities are available at each exit.   Be Sure You’ll Get Your ZZzzzz’s If I had a nickel for every time I didn’t think I needed a...
I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely in love with road trips. However, it is definitely a recently found love; I honestly used to hate them. I discovered the beautiful and whimsical potential they hold and now I want to share my newly found love with all of you. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up, that’ll make your road trip one for the books. First, you need a deadline. Laying out a rough time map allows you to enjoy your entire trip by avoiding the stress of getting to places on time or wondering when to turn around to head back home. This is very important when it comes to planning in advance and spontaneity along the way. If you have a final destination, you’ll need to know the the latest time you would be willing to arrive there. If you do not have a final destination and are simply driving, you still need to be aware of when you want to return home. This is key to a great road trip. Second, even though planing when you want to arrive at your destination and get back home is quite important, a road trip still needs spontaneity....

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