Sometimes I do really feel like my dog is my best friend. We go most places together, and our favorite place to be is by each others’ side unless there’s a squirrel or other dog nearby, or a bike ride I want to go on. My husband and I live in a camper with our medium-sized mutt, a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix named Major Tom, who’s almost 11 years old. On a lot of RV forums, people post concerns over getting a dog or hitting the road with their favorite pooch, but it really isn’t too hard to keep everyone happy as long as some steps are taken. Heck, some folks even travel successfully with cats. Make sure your dog’s food is widely available. Chain pet stores carry a wide variety of foods these days, and our dog is on a specific diet of limited ingredients for a small older dog. We buy in bulk when we see a Petco, and break it up into smaller, more manageable containers. For treats, we give Major Tom peanut butter in Kong. It goes a long way for calming his nerves, and is cheap and easily found in just about any store. If we...

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