A couple weeks ago, I went on an annual all-guys surf trip with my dad, brother, and some of our buddies. We go surfing somewhere in Central America every summer, and this year we went back to El Salvador.   We’ve never really had any real problems – I’m not sure if it was dumb luck or us being smart. However, on this trip we had our first “problem”, you could say. We flew into San Salvador and went to our first stop. When we got there, we were told we wouldn’t be able to get room keys until the next day due to a “rowdy” group that was there before us. Well, we were all stoked to be there surfing the pristine waves, so we didn’t think much of it. We were so engulfed with surfing that it didn’t dawn on us to ask again for keys. A few days into the trip, we were the victims of theft. We came back from surfing and found that we collectively were missing $500! We were pretty upset and decided to start taking some extra security precautions for the rest of the trip. I did some research, and it’s pretty...

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