The holidays are coming; and while others are singing the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” campers will be crooning to this version: On the first day of camping, My true love sent to me, A hammock to tie to a tree! Believe it or not, there really is a “Twelve Days of Camping” version of this classic tune. So after the hammock in day one, here is the rest of the gear you’ll need to prep for winter camping: Day 2: Waterproofness Being outdoors in winter brings the inevitable need for waterproof protection. Whether this is an occasional shower or a snowy campground, then a rain tarp that can pop over your hammock to keep you cozy and dry is a must. Along with making the water roll off, these tarps will also serve as a wind break and outer layer of insulation.   Day 3: Stay Three Times as Warm Another add-on to your hammock setup is extra insulation. Thick padding can protect your from the elements. With an underquilt, your ordinary hammock can quickly become a hot cocoon that you won’t want to leave.   Day 4: Serious Camp Stove Perhaps more than any other season, winter makes fire...

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