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Most serious hikers would agree that a good hike should have some distinctive attribute that makes it memorable. A three mile stroll through the woods is fine, but throw in a waterfall or a cliff-side trail and it quickly becomes something much more noteworthy. Nothing fits the bill more than climbing to the top of a volcano. Whether it’s active or dormant, a volcanic hike promises to be anything but ordinary. Here are a few of the best volcano hikes in the world…well, at least the best volcano hikes we have done…OK, the only volcano hikes we have done.   Cerro Chato – La Fortuna, Costa Rica (Dormant) Hiking Cerro Chato provides hikers with the rare opportunity to swim in a volcano (water not magma). We did this hike on our honeymoon last summer and it was easily one of the highlights of the trip. The resorts and travel agencies in the area will recommend doing this hike with a tour guide which costs over $100 per person, but we would recommend taking a taxi to the trail head and climbing without a guide. The entrance fee is only $12. The tour groups that we passed all seemed miserable and...

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