You wake up with cold hands, a hot face and a sore throat.  Your nose resembles a leaky spigot and when you cough, local geologists report activity on the Richter scale.  Sickness happens to all of us, and everyone has their own remedy that they swear works every time.  Some are a bit unusual, and some seem downright wacky.  But they just might work… Vapor Rub.  This cool, tingly rub isn’t only for your chest.  All you need is a q-tip and a tube sock, and you’ve got the ingredients for this home remedy.  Use the q-tip to swab the rub inside both nostrils.  Then stick your hand inside the tube sock and dip it into the jar, covering it all over in the rub.  Tie the tube sock around your neck.  Go to sleep, and in the morning your head and chest will be completely congestion-free. Cold, wet socks.  According to Best Health Magazine, some scientists say that soaking a pair of socks in cold water and wearing them to bed underneath a pair of wool socks can relieve congestion and give your immune system a boost.  Cold socks stimulate your body to increase circulation in your feet, making...

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