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Thank you, US Military

Hey there ENOpians!

As you all know, it is Veterans Day! A day to honor the 24.9 million military veterans in the United States and to say THANK YOU to those currently serving. Across the nation, restaurants are offering free or discounted meals, cities are holding parades, and schools and churches are presenting tributes and remembrances. Well, we wanted to honor and remember all those veterans who have fought so hard for our country, too. And what better way to honor those past brave soldiers, than to show off some of the current ones!

Here is a selection of members of the military who have used their ENO for comfort, when comfort can be hard to find. Enjoy!

Nikkholai Miller – Afghanistan

“Reading on my off time while manning a check point in Afghanistan, and even if the weather turned sour, I would just hang it under my bed!” said Nikkholai. Very clever! We like!

Alex Penkert – Zabul Province, Afghanistan.

“We had just come back from a mission and I found a box had come for me containing my ENO hammock so we decided to take an awesome picture underneath a 105mm Howitzer Cannon,” said Alex. WOW!!!!

Staff Sergeant Morrisey – Afghanistan.

This photograph was sent in by Staff Sergeant Morrisey’s friend, Nick Farthing.
“The email (Morrisey) sent back from the care package we sent him that (the ENO) was included brought a tear to my eye. It is nice to be able to provide something for these guys and girls that are protecting our freedom that they can use,” said Nick. It sure is Nick, and we are honored you chose an ENO to send!

“We are a Route Clearance Platoon in Afghanistan, we received your hammocks through a friend of mine and we were really tired of sleeping in our vehicles every time we went up to Darvasahn, so thanks from SSG Cavanaugh, SSG Boyett and SGT Cote for the best nights sleep we have had in a long time,” said William. You are MORE than welcome William, we are glad you love your ENO. Thank you!

Msgt Jorge Cantres – Afghanistan

“This is my photo relaxing in an ENO doublenest hammock at 25,000ft leaving Afghanistan. I’m a C-130 Flight Engineer with the Air national Guard and was recently on deployment and I tell you, sleeping in the back of the C-130 in an ENO hammock with the rocking of the plane was the most relaxing sleep I had for a month, better than in my bunk. Ha! Ha!” said Jorge. Ha, we’re glad you could get some down time, Jorge!

Thank you again to all the members of the United States military currently serving our country, and thank you to all the veterans who have spent a lifetime doing it. We salute you!

If you would like to send someone you know in the military a hammock, just click HERE to look at the selection. They’re all super light, and are available in appropriate military colors. Take a gander, then click away!

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