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The world of kayak fishing has grown a lot over the last few years as I see more and more paddlers on the water every time I go out. Kayak fishing tournaments are popping up everywhere and the kayaking community as a whole is sparking a lot of interest even with people who have little experience with kayaks or fishing. I am asked pretty frequently, “You fish from a kayak?” or, “What kind of kayak should I get?”

To answer questions that many have when being introduced to kayak fishing, here are some of the basics that will get you in a kayak and landing some fish!


1. “What kind of kayak should I get?”

Your background will determine how you should answer this question. If you have a background in fishing and are looking to get a fishing kayak, I would recommend getting a kayak that fits your fishing style and needs. I wanted to stand and fish and cover a lot of water, which led me to the Jackson Kayak line of fishing kayaks. If you want a recreational kayak, your options will seem unlimited. Call some kayak shops in your area about their next demo day and try some different styles. If this option is not available for you, I would recommend a sit-in kayak in the 12ft range. This will give you great tracking when you paddle and will also give you more of a dry ride. Old Town makes some great kayaks that are great for beginners and experienced paddlers. Dick’s Sporting Goods also has a great selection of cost-effective kayaks that can get you on the water.


2. “You fish from a kayak?”

Yes! It’s an amazing experience landing any kind of fish so close to the water! One thing that draws people to kayak fishing is the ability to get you to new water that some boats are unable to travel. It’s also a blast to get pulled around by a big bass or red fish!


3. “What do I need to start kayak fishing?”

After getting your kayak, paddle, rod and reel, you will need to check your state’s fishing regulations as to what you will need in your kayak. Typically all you need is a fishing license, life jacket, and a whistle, and in some states you will have to register your kayak. One thing to keep in mind when kayak fishing is that kayaking and fishing are two separate skills that you are learning. You will get better and better at it each time you go. So the only way to learn is to do it! There is no better teacher than spending time on the water!


I hope this info will answer some of your basic questions about kayak fishing. Like with anything, kayak fishing can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Kayak fishing is a great hobby to get into: it gives you access to new places, experiences, fish, and is great exercise.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Best of luck on your kayaking adventures!


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ABOUT JOSH DUKE: I am a husband, dad, outdoorsman and avid fisherman. I am also the founder of Florida Kayak Anglers, which was created to build community and unite kayak anglers in the state of Florida. 
Web: – Twitter: @joshuaduke – Instagram: @joshduke10


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