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The Salty Tale of the USS Murica

Levi Sanchez decided to honor America by building a raft with some of his friends for their church event, the Red Neck Regatta. Built out of rain barrels and wood, this patriotic raft featured cup holders, arm rest, carpeted seats, a water-proof speaker, a weed eater (to act as the propeller), and an ENO Hammock. They appropriately named it the USS Murica.


Levi and his crew floated for a good 20 minutes until, sadly, their prized vessel ran into some trouble. Because of all the rain that Georgia had gotten, the Chatahoochee River was high and fast. The raft was pushed into a tree branch, the ENO caught, and the raft tipped over. Levi and his friends were forced to abandon ship.

Sometimes, nature’s elements prove to be too much even for the most brilliant of ideas. But we have hope that Levi and adventurous troupe will try again someday and succeed!!

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