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Featured in The Wall Street Journal’s “A Bite-Free Summer – Defend yourself from insects with gear that tells them to, ahem, bug off.”

Insect Shield Clothing”

The second layer of defense is Insect Shield, a licensed technology used by more than 30 brands of clothing. It infuses the material with permethrin, a chemical that has DEET-like bug-repellent qualities, but is mild enough to be rated safe for pregnant women and infants. While you can spray permethrin on your own clothes, the results can be tacky and smelly, and any effect is gone after a few washes. Insect Shield typically lasts for 70 washes, and shows up in tons of iterations, from simple T-shirts to battle-ready button-downs and khakis ($35 to $99, My personal favorites are the socks ($18, and, for my daughter, toddler-size leg-warmers ($15,, both of which are perfect for repelling up-crawling ticks (in Insect Shield’s tests, they drop off on contact with the fabric). There are pajamas for the ultimate evening protection ($60 to $80, And the Insect Shield-ed two-person hammock ($85, is unnecessary, but ingenious.”

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