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For backpackers, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts, packing light can be a challenge when you are traveling away from hostels and hotels for days at a time, or even just for quick overnight hikes with family and friends. Packing light puts less strain on your body and allows you to enjoy the time in the outdoors. A hammock provides a packing solution that is smaller than a tent and allows you to not only pack lighter, but sleep comfortably off of the hard ground so there is no need for any extra material.

Here are my top three reasons to own a hammock:


1. Ease of Use:

Hammocks are simple to setup and take only minutes to pack and unpack while you are on the go. These simple designs are fool proof and will have your home for the night hanging from the trees in no time. Now you can sit around the fire longer, and enjoy your time outdoors, and be thankful that there’s no more fumbling with rods for your tent.


2. Weight and Size:

Hammocks are incredibly light. ENO’s DoubleNest weighs in at only 19oz, or just over one pound. The Atlas Straps used to suspend the hammock, my personal favorite, weigh in at 11oz, for a combined weight of 30oz, or under 2 pounds! For a product only weighing in at 30oz combined, the hammock is able to hold a staggering 400 pounds of weight.  Additionally, the DoubleNest can hold up to two people. The hammock also takes up a very small amount of room in your pack and can be hung from your pack since it is the size of a grapefruit when packed away into its attached stuff sack.


3. Price:

Hammocks have great “bang for your buck”. At only $100 for the DoubleNest and Atlas straps combined, you are getting a lightweight product that is both durable and user friendly. It also is great for using around your own yard, not only on camping trips. Other accessories to make hammock camping even more convenient can be found online or at your local retailer selling ENO products including bug nets, lights, and drip strips.


Hammocks are quickly becoming a go-to for backpackers, travelers, weekend warriors, and families looking to get outdoors. They offer freedoms that other products might not, and can be used everyday. From hiking in the mountains, exploring the beaches, or at a family BBQ in the back yard, your hammock can be used to help you have a relaxing day every day. Without breaking the bank, or your back, you can have your very own hammock to help you live life to the fullest.


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