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There are thousands of ways to be outside on a daily basis; sometimes you just need a few new ideas to do it.  These are my top five ways to enjoy the great outdoors.  Mother Nature is calling, are you going to answer?


1. Hammock!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy being outside is to set up my ENO hammock in a tree and hang out – pun intended. The best part of hammocking is the versatility. Hammocking is a must after a long hike or, when you want to be rocked to sleep beneath the trees for a refreshing nap. I bring my hammock on every trip that I take. It is always strapped to my backpack waiting for the next adventure. Hammocking is effortless, and the most convenient bed on the planet!



2. Run! Run! Run!

Oh the joys of endorphins! Running is one of the healthiest forms of therapy. As a runner, I cannot wait to be outside and breathe the fresh air. The only requirement is a good pair of running shoes.  From there, you are ready to go on an adventure of your choice.  Running is one of the simplest ways to be outside and be a tourist in your own hometown.  With the fast paced lifestyle that we lead, it is easy to miss out on life’s small details. From running in the mountains of Colorado, beside the lakes in Wisconsin, or the Flint Hills of Kansas, running continues to be one of my favorite daily activities.


3. Travel, cheap!

I am infatuated with the world around us. I am always looking for a new adventure.  However, as a college student I am also on a very tight budget. Thankfully with my ENO hammock I always have a place to sleep, but, what about other costs? I have figured out that sticking to a budget, you’ll stretch your dollar much further.  Off brand oatmeal and gas station beef jerky can sustain someone for longer than you would ever think. Another tips to make it to those desired places is to look to your right and left – connections!  Most people that you interact with are going to have family in different states. Take full advantage! As Pink Floyd states “All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.” Traveling can be done in a very modest way to ensure you can still pay for the water bill next month; it just takes careful penny pinching.


4. Go local!

Being from Kansas, I do not have a beach to wake up to every morning or mountains in my back yard.  However, that does not stop me from being outside and taking full advantage of my surroundings!   Go local, not only with food, but with adventure.  No matter where you are, there is a geographical uniqueness to enjoy.  There is always something to do if you have an open mind. Talk to people who live in the area and ask about local attractions or favorite places to go.  This will give you a more personal experience.



5. Fuego!

S’mores anyone?  Bonfires are another cheap and easy way to be outside and connect with friends and family. I was taught in Girl Scout camp how to start a fire the “hard” way.  That said, a bit of lighter fluid and a local newspaper will do the trick! Kick back in your hammock and enjoy the warmth of a blazing fire.

Those were a few of my favorite ways to be outside on a budget. As an adventure junkie, my goal is to get around the world and still have enough money to buy unnecessary items while traveling. Being outside is a way to get in touch with nature, appreciate where you come from, and get some vitamin D! Have fun exploring!


By Maria Vannicola, ENO College Brand Ambassador

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