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The tech that backpackers are bringing on their outings has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Backpackers have always utilized technology in one form or another to keep in touch, stay safe or plan trips, and this hasn’t changed. Approximately 40 percent of online travelers utilize social media sites to gather information about their travel destinations, reports Stikkymedia. If you are planning your backpacking adventure, be it across the entire Australasia region or through a U.S. national park, here are some of the best gadgets to bring along.


Suunto Core Outdoor Watch


If you are trying to pack light, the Suunto Core multifunctional watch is an incredible boon. This combination wristwatch contains a built in compass, temperature sensor and barometer that can be customized based on altitude for peak accuracy. Featuring multiple watch, time, and date functions, the Suunto Core is water resistant to 30 meters and features a depth meter for snorkeling that functions up to 10 meters. Combined with the sunrise and sunset alerts and storm alarms, the Suunto Core plays the role of a dozen tools while conveniently strapped to your wrist for easy access. It’s the easiest to read in low-light conditions, and if you’re buying a watch like this, chances are your adventures will be taking you to places far away from the burning lights of the city.


HiFi Speaker System


Never feel obligated to share your ear-buds with a needy travel companion ever again. The Hi-Fi Speaker Case carries and protects your music player wherever you go. When it’s time to rock out, the Hi-Fi delivers excellent sound for hours. Many backpackers agree that the 7oz of weight is worth the trade off to be able to  listen to your favorite down tempo song at night, as you cuddle with your sleeping bag in your hammock, on a quiet ridge line.


The Hi-Fi speaker system is no longer available, but now ENO offers the Echo Bluetooth Speaker. 


JOOS Orange Solar Charger


Smartphones have come to serve a lot of needs for backpackers. Mobile industry giants have established worldwide coverage, and smartphone apps serve countless uses depending on the nature of a backpacker’s needs. . Incredibly durable and waterproof, the JOOS Orange can provide power to smartphones, tablets, GPS units and more anywhere there is sunlight. The JOOS doesn’t even need direct sunlight to charge, and can build power for your USB devices even in a light rain. Capable of providing two hours of talk time on a smartphone from just an hour of sunlight, the JOOS Orange is perhaps the most efficient solar charger on the market today, and can draw a charge from any USB power source as well as direct sunlight.


FastFind GPS Beacon



If you are headed out into the wilderness, it pays to prepare for the worst, and the FastFind GPS Beacon is the one piece of gear you will hope you never have to use, but will be glad that you have. The FastFind GPS Beacon is a personal location beacon, or PLB, that transmits a satellite distress beacon that can help rescue teams find you if you are lost in a dangerous or inaccessible place. While there are other specialized subscription services that provide similar emergency beacon support, the FastFind GPS Beacon requires no subscription to use. When it is activated, it sends a signal to a global satellite network and transmits your location to the closest search and rescue service. Waterproof to 10 meters and powered by a battery with a five-year lifespan, the FastFind is a must have for those who tread off the beaten path or seek adventure in remote locations.


Go Forth & Explore


Thanks to the advancement and growth of technology disasters and accidents can be prevented and ultimately avoided with the use of a personal location beacon in the event that disaster strikes, an outdoor multi-function watch to keep you on the trail, and powerful solar chargers to keep you connected. Always be sure to pack enough water, spare clothing and other backpacking essentials when heading out on the trail. Heed this advice and adventure on friends!

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