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Record players and vinyl records have started to emerge again, thanks to the presence of hipsters. Not many folks have them, but they were actually a hot commodity back in the day. I own a record player, have started my own record collection, and personally think vinyl is better than digital.

There are definitely times when digital trumps vinyl. But let’s take a look at 5 reasons why I think vinyl blows digital out of the water any day of the week.

  1. Vinyl can be cheaper: If you know what to look for, you can actually find some good deals. A lot of people just want to get rid of their or their parents’ old record collection, not realizing that some vinyl is actually worth something. A local antique shop, flea market, or Craigslist are great places to start looking. Sometimes you can even work out a deal and get a lower price.
  2. Start a Collection: A record collection is a great conversation piece to have displayed in your house. It also shows the time and effort you’ve put into it over the years.
  3. The Sound and Feel is Unbeatable: If you truly love the old school music feel, you know what I mean. When you listen to a record, it feels like you have gone back in time and are reliving what was going on at that point in history.
  4. Record Players Look Awesome: Most big box retailers will sell great record players, ensuring that you are getting a working machine. Not to mention that some even come with all the bells and whistles like an AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Cassette Deck, Audio Port, etc. However, if you have some room in your house and know someone who does top notch restorations, you can find some pretty cool vintage record players on the internet. They can range from small end tables to big cabinets. Again, any antique shop, flea market, or Craigslist would be great starting points.
  5. There’s so Much History: When you buy an original issue of an album, you’re not only getting the album, you’re also getting the history. If you get an album from the 1970’s, for instance, you’re holding 40+ years of history in your hands. That album has seen another owner or numerous other owners. If it’s in rough condition, there’s always the mystery of how it got that way. If it’s in great condition, it makes you appreciate the previous owner(s) and the love that was given to that record to keep it so nice and pristine over all these years.


By Justin Fricke, aka the JustinTheWeekendWarrior.

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