Which Hammock Color is For You?

Which Hammock Color is For You?

Sure, most of us can agree when roses are red, or those violets are definitely blue. But have you ever wondered that perhaps each of us sees colors differently? From a Mr. Wizard point of view, color is technically a visual effect caused by the spectral composition of light emitted, transmitted and reflected by objects. Huh?

Essentially the colors we see are light being reflected off of objects, and then our brains interpret what colors we are seeing. This being true, don’t all of us perceive our world uniquely? Colors can make us feel happy, sad, nostalgic, passionate and even hungry! Different colors affect us in different ways, and quite often are linked side by side with our fondest memories.  For instance, blue is meant to be calming whereas red is linked with love and passion making it the official color of Valentine’s Day. We surround and envelop ourselves with colors we enjoy, and tend to gravitate to the same special colors over and over.

So, what colors really float your boat? Are you bonkers for blue, or maybe tickled pink? With so many unique and vibrant ENO hammock colors to choose from, what does your hammock say about you? Are you making a statement, or simply want to blend in to observe nature in all her full glory? Take this short quiz to see which of our four favorite colors may be suited best for you!


1) I associate this color most closely with happiness:

A. Blue

B. Green

C. Purplely purple

D. Uh, is tie-die an option?


2) My sense of style is most like:

A. Clean lines, and classic colors.

B. Earthy and chic, those fabrics better be vegan.

C. Sometimes I sneak in sparkly things.

D. Hello party! I have arrived.


3) My favorite artist of these four is:

A. Norman Rockwell

B. Van Gogh

C. Andy Warhol

D. Jackson Pollock


4) If I had to choose one of these as my spirit animal, I’d choose:

A. A fish

B. A frog

C. A purple people eater

D. A bird of paradise


5) My ideal hammocking spot is:

A. Beachside

B. Between two big trees right off my favorite hiking trail

C. Hanging out on campus, kicking the hacky sack around

D. Bonnaroo




If you chose mostly A’s—Navy/Blue is for you. Classic, yet refined. The quintessential ENO hammock.


If you chose mostly B’s—Khaki/Olive is your match. Grab a granola bar, and hit the trail!



If you chose mostly C’s—Purple/Teal is it. I’m sensible yes, but my inner child needs to get out every now and again. 


If you chose mostly D’s—Retro Tri is for you. When you color your world, you color outside the lines. Go on wild child!


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