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America is often dubbed the “no vacation nation.” Why? In the United Kingdom companies offer employees with 10 years of service 28 paid vacation days; in France, companies give employees 25 vacation days. Unlike other countries, the U.S. doesn’t require companies to offer any paid time off to workers.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, as most U.S. workers don’t use all their vacation days anyway. According to a poll by Right Management, 70 percent of Americans don’t use all their earned vacation time. While you’re working 12-hour days and toiling away in the office in the middle of July, the Brits at the sister company are vacationing in France, Portugal and the Canary Islands.

But things are going to change! This is the year you vowed to put travel on the top of your To-Do list, and here’s why you’re going to make it happen.


Hammocking in Egypt!

Travel Should Be on a To-Do List, Not a Bucket List

Perhaps you’re a single guy who’s always wanted to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, or you’re a single girl who’s always wanted to go to India on a quest of self-discovery. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take the family someplace more exotic than Disney World or Hershey Park. In order to realize your travel dreams, you need to look at voyaging halfway around the world as a manageable and achievable goal, and not simply as a dream or an experience on an imaginary bucket list. Make traveling to Egypt to see the pyramids a reality, and not just something that people do on the Travel Channel.

If you want to make a trip happen, you need to research. Hard facts make a trip a reality. Is your cell phone going to work in a foreign country? What’s the exchange rate? Are you supposed to tip at restaurants? Guidebooks, magazines (like Travel + Leisure,) and online feedback found on sites like FlyerTalk and HotelChatter are packed with information and travel secrets. Be aware of common tourist scams and protect yourself with services like LifeLock.


Travel Sets You Free

Stepping away from the grind of daily life for a few weeks will give you new insights about yourself. Travel is a learning experience more valuable than anything you’ll find in school, books, or on the Internet. From boosting confidence and inspiring creativity to helping you overcome fears, travel provides a hands-on learning experience.


But I Don’t Have Money to Travel

Yes, you do. There are countless tools and apps that will help you save money when traveling. All you need to do is dig for the discounts. Hotwire will help you find last minute discounts on hotels. AirportParking.com, on the other hand, allows you to search for the cheapest parking options. Instead of making travel plans through Expedia or Orbitz, use Kayak — the website compiles multiple travel platforms, which not only saves time when planning a trip, but makes it easier for you to find the cheapest flight or hotel option. Finally, Triplit is a travel management app. With Triplit you can keep track of all your travel details. Whether you’re taking a quick trip or backpacking for a month across Europe, Triplet enables you to keep your itinerary organized.

South American Hangin'


You’ll Get Amazing Hammock Pictures

Grab your DoubleNest and a camera and get shooting! Not only will you have evidence of the great memories you made on your trip, but you could enter it into our Photo Contest and potentially win $215 of ENO goodies! Say whaaaaat!

Happy travels

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