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Will Pattiz and his brother have a passion for our National Parks. This year they decided to put that passion to work using their talents to produce a captivating short film about Olympic National Park.
  While the government remains locked in a stalemate over the shutdown, much of our nation’s heritage sits still beyond barricades and blockades, hurting the economy and giving travelers headaches. Regardless of your political viewpoints, we can all agree that it’s a shame our National Parks aren’t able to offer visitors life changing experiences. Eventually, though, these parks will reopen, and wanderers will once again roam across their acres (even though some are currently disregarding the closures). Trails will be hiked, grounds will be camped upon, and life in the National Parks will return to normal. It’s a day that couldn’t come soon enough. When that day finally does come, you should jump on the opportunity to take a fall visit to your closest National Park. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, perhaps a road trip to a far away one. Some National Parks are best visited during the late fall, when changing colors and cooler temperatures spread across the grounds. Check out these western parks that offer quite an experience, should you visit them in fall. Joshua Tree National Park Sitting in the Southwestern corner of the United States, Joshua Tree offers fall visitors a unique experience....

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