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Warranty Policy

ENO warrants our product to be in good condition upon receipt and free from manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase. If purchased through an authorized retailer, you may wish to first attempt return/exchange through the retailer though all warranty issues accompanied by as much purchase information available are eligible to be evaluated for possible repair or a onetime replacement. Each warranty item is processed individually once the warranty form (below) has been filled out. Please allow 2-3 business days for response once the application is submitted. Do not ship product prior to application response. ENO will not pay for inbound shipping unless there was an error on our part. We highly encourage retaining all tracking information from your chosen carrier as we are not responsible for lost inbound shipments. ENO will not exchange or replace items purchased through unauthorized or closeout retailers e.g. eBay sellers, Craigslist, Sierra Trading Post, Amazon Treasure Truck or REI Garage Sale. 

ENO will not issue refunds or exchanges for products purchased through our sale section.

PLEASE NOTE This warranty only covers manufacturing defects and does not cover:

  1. UV damage (discoloration and brittleness causes tearing)
  2. Elemental/accidental damage (wind, burns, animal bites)
  3. Improper care or use (hanging over 18″, jumping, swinging)
  4. Normal wear and tear
  5. After-market design modifications
  6. Lost/stolen product

For more information about keeping your gear in good condition, please visit our FAQs Page

Return for Replacement

ENO will replace product due to manufacturing defects. Once the warranty application is approved, we will issue an RMA number for your warranty shipment.

Return for Refund

ENO will only refund product purchased directly through Product must be returned unused within three weeks of purchase. Returned product, once evaluated, will be refunded for the original amount less shipping costs. Once the warranty application is approved, we will issue an RMA number for your warranty shipment. 

Due to Covid19 and health regulations, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for any used product. Any used product sent will be shipped directly back to you.

Return for Repair

ENO is happy to repair product when possible! No proof of purchase is necessary and all repairs are free of charge. If product is not reparable, ENO will evaluate the product for possible replacement. Common repairs include cord replacement and knot re-ties, cord lock replacing, compression strap re-stitching and stuff sack re-stitching. Once the warranty application is approved, we will issue an RMA number for your warranty shipment.

Please note that large tears (2″ or more) cannot be repaired but may be eligible for replacement. Small tears or burn holes (2″ or less) should be repaired at home with our Hammock Repair Kit.


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