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two woman hanging in hammock setup in a hammock stand

Meet our New Backyard Collection

We interviewed our product team to get a behind-the-scenes look at the development and creation of our newest backyard hammock product line: the SuperNest™ Hammock, Apollo™ Hammock Straps, and SoloPod™ XL Stand. Over the course of three years of research and testing, the SuperNest Hammock was designed to be supremely inviting and comfortable, but also durable and made to last.

Q: What inspired the creation of the SuperNest?

A: For over 20 years, ENO has crafted the world’s favorite and best-selling portable hammocks. During our research and testing, we saw the potential to bring innovation, originality, and focus to your experience in the backyard hammock category. With that spirit and insight, we took our expertise in product design, materials, and relaxation to create a new class of hammocks designed to live seasonally outdoors.

A woman reads while sitting in the SuperNest Hammock.
Photo by Ryan Tipton

Q: What were some qualities that were top of mind when creating the SuperNest Hammock?

A: The SuperNest marks the beginning of a new era of outdoor furniture for us at ENO, up to the task of handling whatever mother nature throws at it. When searching for materials and developing designs, we made sure to consider the diverse environments and elements the SuperNest would live in and encounter. Conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, and glaring sun were repeatedly tested against. The SuperNest’s quilted body features a plush Olefin fabric upper, with fade resistance to UV light, and a breathable mesh lining, ensuring quick drying after rain.

The final design features a modern aesthetic, premium materials, down-to-earth color palette, and wave-inspired quilting that come together into a hammock that looks right at home wherever you hang it.

An aerial view of a man and a woman laying on opposite sides of the SuperNest Hammock in their backyard.
Photo by Ryan Tipton

Q: What makes the SuperNest different/special from other brands/styles of outdoor hammocks?

A: We approached the development of the SuperNest Hammock through the lens of designing advanced outdoor gear that prioritizes a premium user experience. Functionally, the SuperNest is safer and more comfortable compared to existing backyard and spreader bar hammocks due to its 3D geometry that contours the hammock in two directions. From narrowing in on critical dimensions to perfecting small construction details, our product team tested dozens of iterations of the SuperNest in order to refine the final product.

A woman raises her baby into the air as she lays on the SuperNest Hammock in the SoloPod XL Hammock Stand in her backyard.
Photo by Kyle McNamee

Q: How should I set up my SuperNest?

A: If you’re in an area with access to trees or structurally approved anchor points, we recommend using our new universally adjustable Apollo Hammock Straps to hang your SuperNest. The Apollo Hammock Straps are made from UV-resistant 1000D Polyfilament Webbing and feature Stainless Steel Hardware, catering to hammockers looking for a more weatherproof solution to hang out.

Although our Atlas Hammock Straps and Helios Hammock Straps are also compatible with the SuperNest, we do not recommend leaving your Atlas or Helios Straps outside for an extended period of time and should be stored between use.

 Photos by Sarah Holm (left) and Ryan Tipton (right)

If no trees are available, try our newest hammock stand the SoloPod XL. No straps necessary, simply clip your SuperNest to the attachment points on the stand, and you’re good to go.

The deluxe SoloPod XL Hammock Stand will become a sculptural mainstay of your backyard, patio, or urban landscape. This stand features the same time-tested materials built into the original and best-selling ENO SoloPod™ Stand, but in a bigger frame to accommodate all ENO hammock bodies.


Photos by Ryan Tipton


Hanging in a new class of its own, the luxurious SuperNest Hammock is the perfect spot to recharge between adventures and turn your backyard into the ideal relaxation oasis.

A man and a woman sit in the SuperNest Hammock in the SoloPod XL Hammock Stand while soaking in the mountains of New Mexico.
Photo by Ryan Tipton

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