5 Reasons Hammocks Are a College Essential

5 Reasons Hammocks Are a College Essential

1: Ice Breaker

Just last week I set up my ENO on a Sunday afternoon. This was the first day that it was somewhat warm in Blacksburg, Virginia, so of course there were a lot of students out enjoying the sun around campus. Some people played Frisbee, while others threw around a football. To my surprise, a few people came up to me and asked what kind of hammock I was in; they had only ever seen rope-hammocks. Needless to say, hanging up an ENO in a common area opens the opportunity for meeting new people and enjoying the moment.


2: Power Hang

Every once in awhile it’s easy to get in a rut, rushing through the day, trying to keep up. Since an ENO is so compact and easy to carry, it is the perfect tool to keep on hand to use in the midst of a hectic day. Taking a quick break is not only good for our mind, but also our physical health. I know that between classes I can get tired out, but sitting in my ENO for even a 20 minute break can help ease my mind and get me ready for the remainder of the day.


3: Bonding

Setting up your ENO close to home gives you the opportunity to relax with a friend; spontaneously calling them to see if they want to hang out. My favorite way to spend an afternoon is to ask a friend to come set up their ENO with me. It is the perfect way to socialize. Luckily I have a DoubleNest, so even if they do not have an ENO, we can still hang together under a couple of trees. Last week, I had my ENO with me in my backpack and took it out while I had sometime to relax. I ended up seeing a friend walk by and we caught up for a bit while hanging in our hammocks.


4: Study Session 

One of my favorite memories is studying for finals week while hanging out in my ENO. Usually finals week is the most stressful week of the semester, but the mood shifts a bit when you are outside under the shade of two trees. In one of the main quads at Virginia Tech, my friends and I set up about 12 ENOs in a group of trees. We left the ENOs there for the whole week. If we ever needed a break, we would go to our ENO to lay down and see some friends. With so many ENOs there, at least a couple of people would be laying in them listening to music or studying for an exam at any time of the day. Sometimes we played ultimate frisbee and tossed the football around. We even slept in them one night! A couple people from one of of my classes asked me, “Have you seen all those hammocks hanging up in the quad? You think we could go ask to lay in one?” This opened up a chance to (literally) hangout with them while also studying for our finals!


5: Hammock Community

I love seeing other ENOpians around campus hanging out. When you have an ENO, it is something you share with other ENOpians. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, and when I drive by other Wranglers, we always wave at each other. Owning an ENO gives off the same sort of goodwill and neighborliness. I cannot help but smile when I see someone laying in a hammock.


By Emma Thornberg, Virginia Tech ENO Brand Ambassador

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