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The 7 Best Ways to Fit a Hammock Into Your Busy College Schedule

1- Hammock during your late night study sessions; Most college students have roommates, and often your study schedule will not match up with theirs. One way to give them some peace and quiet while they are trying to sleep is to take your studying outside with your hammock. Whether you’re using the Eno Twilights or the Moonshine Lantern, both are perfect for this! They allow you to study freely while still providing you with enough light  to see whatever your college load is demanding you stay up late to work on. Plus its a win-win because you get to stay on your roommates good side and finish your homework!

2- Nap in your hammock; Okay lets not kid ourselves we take just as many naps as, if not more than, kindergardeners do. Yet there are two differences between us and kindergardeners when it comes to naps. (1) We beg for them, and, (2) we actually appreciate them! On those days when you treat yourself with a little power nap in between classes try napping in your hammock.

3- Pack your hammock with your lunch; Sometimes it gets expensive buying lunches on campus everyday causing us to have to pack a lunch every now and again. Instead of being embarrassed about this, like some people I know do, embrace it! Make it a picnic by breaking out your Eno Hammock and lounging around while you eat! Trust me, no one will be staring at the fact that you packed a lunch they will be looking at your Eno.

4- When you take time for yourself; Being in college is overly stressful. We all need a little time for ourselves to just clear our head of all the information we have been jamming into our brains and just relax. For those book nerds out there like me I enjoy to curl up in my hammock with a good book for an hour or two. Right now my favorite go-to hammock time book is Love Does by Bob Goff. This book talks about how to live your life full of whimsy. I don’t know about you, but I want to have fill my life with more whimsy!

5- During sleep overs with your friends; One way to amp up your sleepovers in college is to hammock! Instead of staying in a stuffy old dorm room with your friend’s awkward roommate try finding random trees that you can hammock camp in for the night. It takes any sleepover and makes it more exciting since instead of sneakily searching for snacks in the middle of the night you will be adventuring to find a place to sleep!

6- Use your hammock as a second date idea; Making the move to get closer to that guy or girl can be a little nerve racking. You want to make it casual and not awkward, but really how many options do you have that involves getting closer to him or her without making it weirdly obvious? Hanging out in a hammock is probably the only idea I have so why not try it out for yourself! And if its cold out side just accompany yourselves with a warm blanket and a thermos full of delicious hot cocoa

7- Pretty much any other time you will be outside; Going to the beach? Hang out in you hammock under the dock.Going hiking? Take a break in you hammock. Going to the drive ins with your friends? Hang your hammock in-between your cars for you and a friend to lounge in. Get creative! Hammocks are awesome and they will without a doubt make your college experience more amazing so why not use it as often as you can! Be safe, and have fun relaxing!


Author Bio:

ABOUT KARLY LAMAR: I live in a concrete jungle so enjoying the little bits of nature I can find nearby me are very important to me. Whenever I don’t have my nose in one of my college textbooks you can find me at the local coffee shop, picnicking with friends, or laughing over everything imaginable because I believe that is the best way to live your life – laughing up a storm.

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