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Create an ENO Hammock Camping Highlight Reel

The wilderness is the best place for solace. Escaping our world of smartphones and social media allows us to better understand ourselves and others. GoPro cameras have connected the two realms. Extra batteries, some nifty attachments and basic video editing are all it takes to preserve those camping memories. Here’s what you need to know for creating a camping highlight reel.


Ensure Sufficient Battery Life

The first step for a great GoPro camping video is some initial planning. Consider how long your trip will be and how you will pass the time. Understand how much battery power you have depending on which model of GoPro you’re using. For instance, the Hero3+ Silver lasts anywhere between 1 hour 30 minutes and three hours depending on the video mode and frames per second. This won’t be nearly enough recording time for an epic camping highlight tape. Make sure you have extra batteries and a functioning USB charger. If you’ve picked up a new GoPro 4, remember the batteries aren’t compatible with old models. You’ll need new battery life accessories.


Get Good Footage

A classic beginner’s mistake is to take footage without reviewing it occasionally. Take a chunk of video in each new environment to ensure quality. It might be too shaky or you could have water droplets on the lens. Some GoPro-ers go without the waterproof housing for optimal sound. This is a risky proposition but can be necessary if fog builds up in the case. Fortunately, you might be able to subdue corrosion and save your camera if it ever does go underwater. Fortunately for nature techies, there’s plenty of inspiration out there. GoPro’s own video of Shaun White’s family outing is a great example to inspire your footage.


Use Attachments

Without the abundance of attachment options, GoPros would just be small, durable cameras. The mounts allow for the captivating POV action which made GoPro a phenomena. Along with the standard chest and bike mount, these four accessories are must-haves for the trip:

  • 3-Way: A camera grip, extension arm and a tripod — the 3-way can look overhead of the campfire or take a group photo.
  • Sportsman Mount: Strap this to your fishing pole or rifle. People will finally believe your “the big one got away” story.
  • Fetch: Dogs are great camping companions and this dog harness is compatible with all GoPro models.
  • Suction Cup: Tested at 150+ MPH, the suction cup is perfect for canoes and boats. Also place it on the car and get some footage of your drive into the wilderness.


Learn to Edit

Video editing can as complicated as you want it to be. If you don’t use GoPro’s free software, GoPro Studio, your files will have to be converted before they can be edited. GoPro Studio is not too difficult to grasp but has advanced features. Ultimately, a title, a mix of music and dialogue, fast and slow motion combined with inspiring outdoor footage will create a video you can be proud of. Check out the tutorials and walk-throughs if you want to become an expert.

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