ENO’s Camping Cleaning Guide

ENO’s Camping Cleaning Guide
As we’re rolling into June, our back seats are getting dirty from weekend camping trips and our ENOs are getting crusty from such regular usage. Although we think this lived-in-look adds character to our products, it is still important to keep them clean and fresh. After all, the better you take care of your ENO, the longer it will last for you! And it’s not just your ENO this applies to – all your camping faves get happier when you dust them off after a couple of days on the trail.

Here’s an easy guide to cleaning up your camping kit post-trip.

1) Give your ENO some it-time

When you get back home after an outdoors trip it’s important to let your hammock hang by itself for a while. Pop it out of its stuff sack and hang it up in your yard/outdoor space for a few hours to air it out. Although this is always worth doing, it is super import when you have been in wet or damp conditions as leaving your hammock stuffed while wet will increase the chances of it growing mold or smelling ripe. If the weather remains bad or your outdoor space is limited, dry your ENO off in the bathroom/kitchen or other indoor dry space, preferably with a fan or de-humidifier.

If your ENO is really dirty, you can always throw it in the washing machine or handwash it in the sink. We recommend removing the carabiners, and using a front loading washing machine to reduce the risk of it getting caught in the drum of a top loader. We also recommend using a mild detergent (such as Dreft) and running the cycle on a delicate wash. Hang to dry.

2) Let your sleeping gear take a nap

If you use a sleeping bag, make sure you air it out, like your hammock, when you get home. When you sleep, your body sweats and the vapor can be trapped inside your sleeping bag. To prevent this moisture getting trapped, unpack the bag and drape it over a chair for an afternoon to vent it out – preferably inside out. When it comes to storage, keep it unpacked. Leaving a sleeping bag compressed for a long period of time isn’t great for its performance in the long run, so keep it in a large, breathable cotton bag, or just keep it in an open space. We suggest you throw the stuff sack inside the bag when you store it to prevent it from getting lost!

If you use a sleeping mat, be sure to check it for holes/damage on return, and wipe it down with a damp cloth to get all the grime off. If it is a self-inflating mat, we suggest you leave it unrolled and expanded to help any air or moisture instead to clear out. Under the bed is a great place to keep it!

3) Do the dishes

We know, we know: this is NOT something anyone wants to do! But it is important to wash all the dirty pots and cups you may have used.  Leaving them grubby not only increases the chance of damage and bacteria, but it also increases the possibility of a terrible surprise on your next trip, 10 miles in and hungry! It is also a good idea to check gas levels of your camping stove or check match supplies/condition while you’re thinking about it.

After you get done with all this – go through your photos and send us your best ones! We love to see y’all enjoying your ENOs, and what better place than an awesome camping trip?!

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