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Two hands tying ENO Atlas Straps around a tree.

Over a decade ago, ENO designed the first ever knotless hammock suspension system, and the Atlas™ Straps were born. The Atlas Straps feature tapered construction to decrease total weight, while still ensuring tree protection. For those dark nights at basecamp, these straps feature reflective stitching to improve nighttime visibility. With 30 combined attachment points, you have plenty of flexibility to clip into the perfect hangout. 


Man hanging an ENO Hammock up by a river.


Follow these instructions to properly use your Atlas Straps: 

1. Find two living, mature trees or anchor points approximately 10-14 feet apart that can safely support the hammock and its occupant(s).


A woman attaching her ENO Atlas Hammock straps to a tree.


2.  Loop straps around the tree at least 5 feet from the ground, threading the adjustable end through the webbing end with the single loop.


Closeup of an ENO Atlas Hammock Strap carabiner


3. Attach carabiners to desired strap loops. Make sure each carabiner clicks closed and visually check the gates are closed before use.

4. Gently lower yourself into the hammock to determine which multi-adjustment loops are needed to achieve a 30° hanging angle and no higher than 18 inches of the ground when in use.

And just like that, you’re set. In a matter of minutes, you’ve created your personal nature-couch. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, enjoy!


Two people relaxing in an ENO Hammock strapped between two trees.


Looking for more strap options? Check out our Atlas™ XL Straps for some extra length, Helios and Helios XL Ultralight Straps if you are looking to save some weight, and our Apollo Straps if you are looking for a more weather-proof option for your backyard hammock.

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