How To Set Up Your Microtune™ Structural Hammock Ridgeline

Learn how to set up your Microtune Structural Ridgeline with your ENO gear.
How To Set Up Your Microtune™ Structural Hammock Ridgeline

Maybe you’ve heard the term “ridgeline” thrown around and aren’t quite sure what that means OR you have one and aren’t quite sure how to set it up. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

What is a hammock ridgeline?

A hammock ridgeline is a taut line/cord that is suspended above your hammock. Ridgelines have multiple purposes. They are divided into two groups: structural ridgelines and non-structural ridgelines.

A man lays in a hammock using the Microtune Structural Ridgeline

Structural Ridgeline vs Non-Structural Ridgeline

Structural hammock ridgelines are made from high-strength cordage and attach at each end of your hammock. They help dial in the right amount of sag to your hammock allowing for a comfortable laying experience regardless of the distance between attachment points. Structural ridgelines are usually lightweight and pack quite small. These features enable hammockers to leave them attached to their hammock between uses for a consistent hammock setup regardless of setup location or environment. They are one of the best hammock accessories you can add to your setup when comparing their product weight to product performance.

A woman puts her sunglasses into her Talon Hammock Organizer hanging above her hammock.

Photo features ENO Talon Hammock Organizer, which uses a non-structural ridgeline. 

A non-structural ridgeline does not change how your hammock hangs. It is attached from suspension point to suspension point, such as to the trees or other approved anchor points used to hang your hammock. These are designed to hang things, they are not designed to hold the full weight of you in your hammock. They can be used for storage, as a means to suspend your tarp, or even as a clothesline to dry damp or wet gear.  Interested in a non-structural hammock ridgeline organizer? Check out the ENO Talon Hammock Organizer.

ENO Microtune™ Structural Ridgeline

The Microtune Structural Ridgeline easily connects from carabiner to carabiner, or below each toggle of our ultralight series, on 9-11' length hammocks to ensure optimal tension of your hammock. It is an adjustable structural ridgeline, requiring no knots and made of stronger-than-steel Silverlite™ cord. This user-friendly, ultralight, and durable structural hammock ridgeline will last for years to come.

Pro Tip: Keep it attached to your hammock between sessions for a quicker setup and a more consistently comfortable hammocking experience.

A studio image of the Microtune Structural Ridgeline set up on an ENO hammock


How to set up your Microtune™ Structural Ridgeline:

1 - Remove the Microtune Structural Ridgeline from its stuff sack.

 A studio image of an ENO hammock with the Microtune attached to the carabiner. A studio image showing an ultralight ENO hammock with the Microtune attached around the toggle


2 - Attach the blue cord loops, located on each end of the ridgeline, to your hammock carabiners or over the toggle system. Visually check that each carabiner gate clicks closed, or that toggles are securely passed through the loops.

A man adjusts the length of the Microtune Structural Ridgeline on a hammock to get the ideal hang.

3 - Adjust the length of the Microtune Structural Ridgeline to your preference. To create more sag, tighten the ridgeline by pulling the loose end (metal tip) towards the center of the hammock. To loosen, pull the loose end back through the cord splice.

A man lays in a red and charcoal ENO hammock while using the Microtune Structural Ridgeline.

4 - Gently lower yourself into the hammock to test if adjustments are needed. Don't hang your hammock too tight. 

A man playfully uses the Microtune Structural Ridgeline to create a fake mustache on his face.

5 - Happy hammocking!

Pro Tips:

  • Attach the Microtune’s stuff sack to the ridgeline using the hook on the cinch cord for additional storage.
  • Leave your Microtune attached to your hammock between uses to ensure a consistent setup every time, regardless of trees or location. 
  • To find your perfect hammock sag, start by adjusting your Microtune to provide a 30° hang angle, test for comfort, and adjust as needed. As a general rule, the smaller the hammock (like our Sub6), the lower the hang angle

Set up with hammock accessories

As a general rule, attach the Microtune Structural Ridgeline to your hammock first, then add the accessories. This includes Bug Nets, you want the ridgeline to stay inside of the bug net.


The Microtune Structural Ridgeline works with the following ENO gear: 

  • Hammocks: SingleNest, DoubleNest, DoubleNest Print, DoubleNest Giving Back Collection, Sub6, SuperSub, TechNest.
  • Hammock Straps: Universally compatible
  • Hammock Accessories: Talon Hammock Organizer, Underbelly Gear Sling 
  • Rain Tarps: Universally compatible
  • Bug Nets: Universally compatible
  • Insulation: Universally compatible

*The ENO Microtune Structural Ridgeline is NOT compatible with ENO Hanging Kits or ENO Hammock Stands.

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