12 Heartwarming ENO Stories

As we get ready to say farewell to 2020, we’re highlighting some exceptional, touching ENO stories you’ve shared with us.
person relaxing in hammock in a green meadow
As we get ready to say farewell to 2020, we’re highlighting some exceptional, touching ENO stories you’ve shared with us. For all the early morning hikes, meaningful hangouts with someone special, and making time to rest and recharge— we are grateful you utilized your ENO gear during this challenging year. We are honored to be a part of your special moments, both big and small, and we hope you find these stories as endearing and inspiring as we have.

Memorable Views

two girls relaxing in a hammock in a gazebo
Photo by Sophie Schroth

“I texted my friend at 8 p.m. and six hours later, we were hiking up a mountain to watch sunrise from Heybrook Lookout in Washington. My ENO SingleNest™ provided the perfect perch to watch the sun begin to illuminate the mountains at 5:27 a.m. My ENO hammock comes everywhere with me: from day trips to backpacking, from class to meetings, and even my backyard. This morning of drinking coffee, laughing, and watching the sunrise from my ENO hammock is one I definitely won’t forget.” — Sophie Schroth

A man sits in a Lounger SL chair on the top of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful views.
Photo Provided by David Brazier

“Waking up at 3 a.m. to catch a two-hour sunrise hike isn’t always easy. My ENO Lounger™ SL Chair made the trek so worth it. When there are no trees to hammock, I can still enjoy the products I love, doing the things I love. Known as one of the most legendary hikes on the Appalachian Trail, this sunrise at McAfee Knob in Catawba, Virginia was nothing short of amazing.” — David Brazier

A woman sits in her hammock overlooking mountains and a body of water.
Photo Provided by Megan Alonso

“I bought this particular hammock when I was 21, at a time in my life when I was discovering who I truly was for the first time. It helped spiral me into the lifestyle I currently live— mostly outdoors in pursuit of contentment in my life. In the roughly seven years I’ve owned this hammock, it has seen the crags of Colorado, flown with me back home to Connecticut, and road tripped all over the U.S. and Canada. It was my bed for a while when I lived in a garage with just a mattress on the floor and had a bad mouse infestation. It has been one of the few material possessions I’ve never been able to justify giving up when I’ve purged most everything else in my life. It travelled with me to Florida when my grandmother passed away, and provided solace in the form of a cozy seat among the mangroves while I reconnected with my cousins on a level I never had before. I brought it to Australia, and then to New Zealand where it lived with me for two years, hanging among the grottos of glow worms and suspended across the sailboat I lived on. It came to Samoa and provided a safe space among the mango trees while I camped in the forests of a foreign world. It spent time in Fiji for two months on an island where I almost gave it up— the kids loved it so much— but I couldn’t bear the thought of not having this particular hammock, so I sent them a new one when I got back to NZ. Finally, it has come with me on my most recent journey, a move to Bend, Oregon, where for the first time in forever, I’ve found a place that feels like home, an idea I’ve never correlated to a material possession. I know it sounds silly to say about a simple “thing,” but to me, this “thing” has provided more than just a place to relax. It’s something I’ve come back to after love, loss, and in times of joy and childlike wonder.” — Megan Alonso

Quality Time Together

A man and a woman share a PCT Giving back hammock.
Photo Provided by Maria Newman

“My parents, married for 40 years, finding joy in their new PCT Giving Back Hammock. They were both river rafting guides and raised their four kids with a deep love for the wild, and yearly adventures down California rivers. This picture is taken next to one of our family’s favorite rivers, the Klamath. The area has been devastated by this year’s horrific wildfires, but we were lucky enough to enjoy one last lazy weekend there before they hit.” — Maria Newman

A man hammocks in a meadow overlooking mountains.
Photo Provided by Drew Schmidt

“So my wife and I are both older (47 and 53) and just six months into our marriage (second marriage for both of us). One of our early dates was dancing in the mountains and cuddling in a DoubleNest® hammock afterwards. A thing neither of us had ever done, but seemed perfect for the two of us. Since that time it has become a staple of time together. After that date we were married five months later. And now, our hammock time is almost something sacred to our relationship. 

This picture was taken at about 8400 feet up in the mountains looking down the canyon towards Provo, Utah. This is probably our new favorite place. A gorgeous meadow, devoid of people, wildflowers, beautiful view, sunset or sunrise. Aspens on the edge to hang your hammock. This is our time together….to discuss us. Our children. Our future. Our plans. To relax. To unwind. To keep that love alive and keep falling back into it.  I can’t express how important our hammock time is to the two of us or what it means for us.” — Drew Schmidt

A golden dog rests in a red hammock.
Photo Provided by Kristen Koskella

“I grew up camping, so the outdoors are a very big part of who I am and where I always want to be. I’ve had my dog, Mattie, for 14 years and my love for her grows more and more the older she gets. She loves going on walks, playing in lakes, running in the fields, sleeping in and loooong naps in the hammock. At first, I put her in to see what she would do, but 4 hours later, she was still in the same spot more relaxed that I’ve ever seen her. The older she gets the more I want to take her on adventures and make the rest of her life, the best of her life. I can honestly say she’s enriched my life more than anyone I’ve ever known. She deserves the world, and I plan to give it to her— one hammock nap at a time.” — Kristen Koskella

Getting Lost In a Good Book

A young girl reads while sitting in her hammock on her porch.
Photo Provided by Danielle Doughtie

“We’ve had our beloved ENO DoubleNest® hammock for about seven years, and we have made so many wonderful memories camping, hiking, and days at the lake with friends and family. But during Quarantine 2020 the hammock became a refuge for our daughter, who had some struggles reading and was sick of being cooped up inside. She enjoyed spending time on our deck in the ENO hammock reading books everyday, which has helped give her a huge boost in reading levels! She is now ready to take on third grade with her increased skills!” — Danielle Doughtie

Building Friendships

A woman sits in a green and blue hammock in the middle of the woods.
Photo Provided by Taylor Clark

“It can be lonely moving to a new place, where you have no friends or family—especially in the middle of a pandemic. Renee invited me to go camping in the Upper Peninsula, where we collaborated on creative ideas, talked about life and grew in our friendship. One ENO sesh at a time.” — Taylor Clark

Two people hammock together using the Fuse Tandem Hammock System by a body of water.
Photo Provided by Anna Murphy

“This day was specifically memorable as my coworker and I had just worked a 60-hour week. We impulsively decided to drive to Lake Erie and we found a hidden spot. I hung up my ENO hammocks and separated them with my favorite accessory, the Fuse™ Tandem Hammock System! It was such a relaxing night as we watched the sun set over the lake… a much needed refresher. It was also very easy and safe to social distance from others as we hung in the trees. My coworker immediately brought her own ENO hammock after this night so I predict many more ENO hangouts. I’m always thankful for my reliable ENO hammocks and the rest they bring me.” — Anna Murphy

Tying the Knot

A man and woman, wearing wedding attire, kiss in an orange hammock.
Photo Provided by Mindy Trott

“This was our wedding day. We had to cancel our normal plans and have a tiny, socially distanced ceremony. After the vows we hiked to the bottom of the canyon and set up our ENO hammock to enjoy the view and be together in nature (which is our favorite thing). We love our ENO hammocks and they actually play a big part in our dating life and travel, so this picture is so meaningful to us.” — Mindy Trott

Recovering from Frontline Work

A man hangs in a hammock in a park.
Photo Provided by Mike Neimoyer

“When I’m not on duty at the Coronavirus testing site in upstate NY, I can work remotely from the serenity of a local park (face mask still at the ready). I picked up a OneLink™ Hammock System, and added some Atlas™ XL Hammock Straps so that no hang is out of reach.” — Mike Neimoyer

Soaking in the Sunset

A man hammocks in a tie
Photo Provided by James Choi

“During our four-week road trip visiting different national parks across the U.S., hammocking after a long hike or to watch the sunset, was something we always looked forward to. It was our time to decompress, talk, and chill out. This particular picture was taken at the beginning of sunset by Diamond Lake in Oregon, which was where our campsite was located. What’s a better way to end the day than watching the sunset in our ENO hammocks?” — James Choi

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