From Dad: The importance of instilling a love of nature in your kids

Three fathers share their thoughts on spending time outside with their kids and raising the next generation of outdoor explorers.
From Dad: The importance of instilling a love of nature in your kids

Quality time together outside can create a lifetime of love for the outdoors. Hear from three of our favorite dads that are raising the next generation of outdoor lovers. By instilling a love for the outdoors,  they are helping to protect and preserve our outdoor spaces for generations to come.

Nick Brooks

“Dadding” in the outdoors is a legacy that I am proud of. My father instilled a love of the outdoors in me and my brothers. Now I have the honor of being a dad to two amazing (albeit WILD & CRAZY) boys and it brings me such joy to introduce them to all the great outdoors has to offer. My wife and I try to take every opportunity to get our family out into nature for several reasons: to take in the beauty, to disconnect, and to be reminded what a gift it is and why our stewardship is so important. 

A family poses for a portrait while sitting in a river.


Chase Dier

Growing up near the Adirondacks, my love of nature stems back to some of my earliest memories, so naturally I wanted to pass that passion along to my daughter. We recently moved from the city out to the country, and watching her build those relationships with nature is such an incredible journey. Whether she's blowing kisses to our neighbor's cows or chasing our dog around the yard, she's building positive experiences in nature that will last her entire life. Moments like our lazy afternoon naps in our DoubleNest Hammock or laying on our Islander Blanket in our yard while gazing at the stars are moments that not only will we never forget, but moments that I can share to help pass on my love for nature to my daughter. 

A man hammocks with his daughter in a colorful ENO DoubleNest Print named Nature Talk.


Tyler Fontes

We love the great outdoors and have been hiking with our twin boys since they were three months old, and even took them on their first overnight camping trip at 10 months old. We love connecting with nature and believe that hands-on learning is so important and why we love getting our boys out in nature as much as we can! This not only ingrains a sense of adventure but also an appreciation for enjoying and respecting nature. Our favorite ENO gear to bring with us when adventuring in the outdoors is the DoubleNest Hammock paired with the Atlas Hammock Straps! We love all the different hammock prints offered and the no-knots-needed straps are a game changer. This strap system is so convenient and easy to use it makes setting up your hammock a breeze and highly recommend them!

The Fontes family hammocks together around a fire pit in the woods.


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