The Blue Ridge Parkway is dubbed as “America’s Favorite Drive” and it definitely lives up to its name. There are more than 450 miles of road to drive and nearly 100,000 thousand acres of land to explore! Here are five must see places on the Parkway!


1. Beacon Heights

Beacon Heights is located at milepost 305 and is a very short trail perfect for those with little hiking experience. Beacon Heights provides grand panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once you complete the short .25 mile long hike you will be welcomed by a large flat rock which is a perfect place to have a sunset picnic!


2. Cascades

Cascades is located at milepost 271.9. Following a 1 mile hike you will be greeted by a roaring waterfall! Cascades is revered as a must see for the whole family, because it requires little experience and has easy access paved trails!


3. Rough Ridge

Rough Ridge is one of the most popular places to hike on the Parkway and it is located at milepost 302.8! This short 1.3 mile hike is one of most rewarding, because of the views that it provides! Visiting Rough Ridge and taking the classic “Rough Ridge Rock Picture” is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast!


4. Linville Falls

Linville Falls can be found at milepost 316.4! Linville Falls is one of the better-known Waterfalls on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is not one to be undermined. Linville Falls is home to a breath taking three-tiered waterfall that empties out into Linville Gorge.


5. Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain isn’t actually on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is located a little less than a mile away! Grandfather Mountain is one of the coolest places. They have a mile high swinging bridge that provides beautiful views to guests and several natural habitats that are home to cougars, otters, bears, eagles, and deer! Grandfather mountain is a must visit.

There are dozens of other stops on the Blue Ridge Parkway that are out there are you to explore! Just get in the car and come drive America’s Favorite Drive and take a few detours to see some amazing sights.


By Mary Clare Gabel, ENO College Brand Ambassador.

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