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The Oregon coast has a lot to offer, and The Devil’s Punchbowl is just one chill amazing stop right off the road.
the devil's punchbowl

ENO's Guide for a Trip to the Devil's Punchbowl

Over the 9 (what felt like short) months, I spent In Oregon, I was lucky enough to see everything from the seemingly untouched and rugged landscapes, to the touristy beaches and local secret spots thanks to new friends. The coast has a lot to offer, and The Devil’s Punchbowl is just one chill amazing stop right off the road.

Located 8 miles North of Newport Or. in the community of Otter Rock, the Devils Punchbowl is not only a MECCA FOR ANY SURFERS (and surfer-watchers) due to the nice break that generates from ‘close by’ Gull Rock, but is also an epic experience for whale watchers, scenic family outings, and even makes a great traveler rest stop since its only 14 mile off of HWY 101. Locals told us stories of surfers that catch a wave and ride it with skill all the way into the punchbowl – though we never saw this, I think I believe it, but that’s a tight and scary squeeze through that hole.

To the best of everyone’s knowledge, The Devils Punchbowl was created by the roof of two large caves collapsing, and over time has been sanded & shaped by pounding waves.

Fun facts!

  • Watch for whale ‘blows’! The park is a very popular and well-known whale watching site.
  • Bring some burgers! It’s an epic picnic or BBQ spot as you sit atop this breathtaking rocky shoreline.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps even showed their support to this piece of natural art and were kind enough to install bathrooms, a freshwater system, picnic tables, stoves, trails, and safety fences…
  • and did I say trails?! YEP


As you start to walk through that little entrance tucked behind the building, it’ll lead you to this flat opening atop the rugged coastline, but as you keep walking and start to descend, you start to see what else the ocean waves have been carving over the years.

The ocean carved walls that you are greeted with – being similar to a rock climbing wall – make for a fun and somewhat easy entrance to the bottom of the bowl. When extreme low-tide hits, you are even able to stand inside of the bowl. Unfortunately, the couple of times that I went, it wasn’t low enough to get inside of, but it did let me catch this epic view from the bottom after crossing the wall above.


When we got to the bottom of the Devils Punchbowl to the entrance tunnel, we were pretty disappointed that the tide wasn’t low enough to walk through and into the bowl. It didn’t stop us from trying, but it stopped us from going any further than this picture due to the slippery rocks that almost send me sliding right into the ocean. So after sitting back and taking in this place we all agreed that it looked like where dinosaurs kicked it at the beach before we headed back up the trail toward the rim of the bowl.


The rim of the punchbowl really is a sight so see and an exceptional experience to be had. Even though you can easily see this gem from the comfort of the parking lot and safety fences, I highly recommend getting a closer, more personal outlook on this natural work of art. This place is kept very clean and is a well respected area in the Otter Rock community. meditate, medicate, do yoga, be at peace, idk film a sci-fi movie, just don’t litter. It is taken very seriously, as it should be.


By Matt Monthei of My Roaming Story.

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