How To: Study in an ENO

How To: Study in an ENO

Study in Your ENO Hammock

For those of us in high school or college, midterms are already on their way and the pressure is on. This means it is time to buckle down and study. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but studying doesn’t have to be torture! Spice things up a little! Mix business with pleasure and try studying in your ENO hammock for a change. Making the transition from desk to hammock can be a little challenging at first. You’ll likely look clumsy, feel awkward, and possibly want to ditch this manner of studying altogether! Once you get the hang of it, (pun intended) you will find your ENO to be a great place to get work done! For those first time hammock studiers, here are some tips to make you the most studious ENOpian around, and the envy of all your peers.

  1. Sit perpendicular to the lay of the hammock. If you just lay down, it is hard to read, nearly impossible to write, and can be stressful on your neck. Also, sitting like this allows you to easily prop your book or laptop in your lap, and talk with those around you if you’re hammocking in a group. If you have a DoubleNest and don’t mind close quarters, you can even share with a friend.
  1. Don’t be afraid to be a lowrider. If you happen to leave something on the ground, you will not want to jump back in your ENO that is hanging in a high or awkward position. Keep everything within arm’s reach so you won’t have to leave your comfy spot. Some people like to clip their backpack onto one of the carabiners for easy access.
  1. Make the best use of the stuff sack. ENO hammocks have this nifty little pouch that lays on the side of the hammock when opened. It is not big enough to hold most books, but it is perfect for some pens, a calculator, and highlighters. It is also a great place to put your phone; out of sight, out of mind, and focus on homework. If you want a pouch for more study material, I would suggest the Underbelly Gear Sling. This can also allow you to hang your hammock higher with study material still in reach, so tip number two no longer applies.
  1. Make sure you pack everything you need. When studying in your dorm or at home, if you forget something all you need to do is get up and grab it. With ENO studying, if you forget something you are either forced to pack up and go home, or deal without. By “everything” this should include water, snacks, and sunscreen for those sunny days!
  1. Study buddies might not be the best idea. Even if you have a DoubleNest, sharing a hammock while studying will be not only distracting, but pretty uncomfortable as well. If you’re sharing your hammock with anyone, share it with Darwin, Shakespeare, George Washington and lots of other old dead guys. (That sounds creepy, but you get the message.) This doesn’t mean you have to go alone! Just find a patch of trees close enough that you and your partner(s) can hang near each other. There really aren’t many things cooler than a cluster of ENOs.
  1. Lastly, make sure you always have permission to hang. Many universities have started banning hammocks on certain parts of campus. Nothing disrupts a good study session like campus security.

You might ask why go through all the trouble if hammock studying is so complicated? Well it’s been shown thru multiple studies like the one at Lyon College that hammocking can increase social bonding, induce relaxation and decrease stress. So really, the adjustment is definitely worth it. Also, you’ll be known as the super cool kid who studies in a hammock.

If you don’t have a hammock, this is the perfect way to finally convince your parents to get you that DoubleNest! Also, if your campus frowns upon or even bans hammocks, show them the research is in the hammocks’ favor! Better scores, happier students, and it simply looks rad. Hammocks are a great place to relax, so make studying less stressful and study in your happy place.


By Emma Wilson

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