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ENO hammock hanging at an outdoor music festival

ENO Hammock Etiquette for Music Festivals

I have good news with everyone. Music festival season is upon us! Thank goodness. Back to sunny days outside (with the occasional crazy festival storm) and the sweet sounds of loud live music. Now every festival veteran has their own essentials they swear by, and for many of them hammock and straps are on the top of the list.

Now, unfortunately we have to have a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation here. Some people steal. Whether it’s because they’re arrogant, insecure, or just mean–it happens. Stealing is a negative emotion, which stems from fear. So let’s take a moment to rise above and feel sorry for these suckers.

If you’ve ever had your hammock stolen at a music festival you understand how devastating it can be. And it’s totally messed up that is even happening on a regular basis. So after you get angry, curse like a pirate, and settle into the grief stage of acceptance let’s remember karma. It’s a real thing and doesn’t skip anyone. It’s sad, but you can’t just get up and go to the bathroom and 100% expect your hammock to be in the same spot when you return. Get a friend to watch it at the very least.

However, there are some ways to macgyver a variety of security solutions. They’re not completely foolproof, but if someone’s trying to steal and the goods aren’t budging easily-chances are they’ll move on. Be preventative so you and your friends can rage in your hammock all weekend long. If you have any thoughts, let’s hear them!


Zip Ties

Before you take off for a music-filled weekend, pick up some zip ties. Whether you choose to go the plastic or the steel route, this simple method is capable of deterring the tugger variety of thief. Take the zip tie and feed it through the nautical grade line loop (the rope things that comes out of each end of the hammock) and also through the loop on your hammock strap that your carabinier is attached to. Now be sure that you have your own pocket knife or pair of scissors so YOU can also take down your hammock. One downfall of this method is that if you want to use your hammock by a music stage, you won’t be able to get through security with your knife/scissors.


Bike Lock

If you have a bike lock, this is a great way to do it. Same principle as the zip ties, loop one end of the bike lock through the nautical grade line loop and also though wherever on the strap your carabiner is attached. Fasten the bike lock and viola, some serious hammock security. Now the thieves only have two options. They can either steal one strap or cut the nautical grade line. However, in order to get through that line, they would need garden clippers. And of course, with this method, the lighter and more compact your bike lock the better.

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