How to Care for and Wash Your ENO Hammock

Learn how to care and clean your hammock so it can last for years to come. You have so many adventures ahead together.
How to Care for and Wash Your ENO Hammock

Life happens to hammocks. After spending an entire season lounging in your hammock, it's likely you'll discover traces of mud, coffee, and trail mix on it. Don’t fret too much though, we've got some tips to help keep your hammock clean and fresh. These care tips will help extend the life of your hammock so you can have many more hangouts together.

A man lays in a Marine Gold DoubleNest Hammock with just his feet sticking out.

Washing Your Hammock

Nylon hammock fabric is fairly dirt resistant to begin with and can be spot cleaned along the way. But sometimes, it’s nice to revert your hammock back into a flawless, clean, soft, breezy oasis. Here's how we recommend washing your gathered end hammocks: 

Step 1: Remove carabiners

Avoid clinking and clacking in your machine and start by removing the carabiners. Keep track of them, though, so when your hammock is clean and dry you can get right back to hammocking!

Step 2: Gently wash

Wash your hammock alone, with nothing else in the machine, as this will get it the cleanest! Use a gentle detergent, and do not add fabric softeners or any additional cleaning agents. Wash with cool water on a delicate cycle in a front-loading washer. When in doubt, you can hand wash in the sink too.

Step 3: Line dry

It’s best to do this chore on a sunny breezy day. That way you can air dry your hammock outside. Regardless if you do it indoors or out – air drying is what we recommend. When drying outside in the fresh air, it won’t take longer than thirty minutes for your hammock to completely dry.

Step 4: Get in your hammock!

Re-attach your carabiners and get outside!! Go get that hammock dirty again. 

A man and woman lay on opposite sides of a SuperNest SL Hammock. The photo is taken from above.

General Hammock Care Tips

1. Avoid UV damage

After every use, we recommend using those stuff sacks and storing your hammock in a cool, dry place. Leaving your hammock out in direct sunlight, or in other elements, can degrade the integrity of the hammock over time. 

Our SuperNest Hammock and SuperNest SL Hammock can live seasonally outdoors, but we recommend taking them down and storing during long periods of non-use. 

2. Inspect and repair small holes or tears

Before every use, fully inspect your ENO gear. This includes the carabiners, rope, and fabric for snags, fraying, or anything unusual from the time of purchase.

Prevent incidents by checking your pockets for anything sharp before sitting in your hammock. Hang your hammock a safe distance from campfires to avoid flying embers damaging the fabric. 

For small holes under 2 inches, check out our Hammock Repair Kit to patch small imperfections. 

If anything suspect is found during the inspection, please discontinue use and check out our HangTough Guarantee.

3. Adhere to ENO's safety and product instructions

Do not jump or swing aggressively in your ENO hammock. Do not hang your hammock too high. We recommend 18 inches from the ground, when in use. Proper setup and use will keep the hammock nicer for longer. 

Made to Last

ENO gear is designed with longevity in mind. We use quality materials so our gear can be by your side for many adventures to come. Do your part in extending the life of your hammock by treating it with care. 

For any hammock care questions, you can reach out to our customer service team at

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