Meet ENO Ambassador: Haleigh Hendrickson

Haleigh is a full time adventure blogger and wellness coach who is always exploring. From backpacking trips to skiing in the mountains of the PNW, you can find her documenting and sharing her adventures, and inspiring you along the way.
Meet ENO Ambassador: Haleigh Hendrickson

Say hello to ENO Ambassador Haleigh Hendrickson! Haleigh is a long-time user of ENO and embraces year-round outdoor adventure - exploring the backcountry, shredding the slopes, and relaxing seaside. Haleigh has documented and shared her transition from being a teacher to having her own business as a full time adventure blogger and wellness coach. Read on to see what she's all about...

Where are you located? 

I’m located in Bend, Oregon. 

How did you get interested in the outdoors? Why do you think time outside is important? 

I have always been active, having played sports since I could walk through college – but it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I really fell in love with adventuring in the outdoors. I wish I had some pivotal moment that sparked my interest in hiking, camping, biking, etc. but I didn’t. I just decided one day that I wanted to be someone who played in the outdoors – so I started. I started going on hikes, tried climbing, mountain biking, took up skiing, and spent my weekends camping. I liked how I felt when I was outside – I felt strong and confident, so I kept spending more and more time out there. 

a woman poses for a photo on a trail while backpacking through the mountains.

 What are your favorite outdoor activities? 

Hiking is, hands down, my favorite way to be outside. I love long, challenging hikes and jump on every backpacking opportunity I can find. I also love to climb, mountain bike, ski, and surf. While I’m extremely confident in my hiking abilities, I’m new to most of the other sports and still in the learning stages – which brings me to the point, you don’t have to be good to get out there!

What is your favorite 12 oz beverage to keep in the stash pocket of your hammock?

I’m an IPA gal, through and through. Hanging in a hammock after an adventure, barefoot, with a Bodhi in hand is pretty close to my perfect day. 

What is your history with ENO gear? 

I purchased my first hammock to take with me when I moved abroad for the first time and have been hooked ever since. We always have an ENO hammock on hand, whether its in the car, in our backpacks, or hanging in the yard. 

Favorite ENO product(s)? 

Without a doubt, my favorite piece of ENO gear is the Sub7 (now the Sub6) Ultralight Hammock. I love how incredibly light weight it is, so I never have to think twice about bringing it along on a backpacking trip. I’d say my second favorite ENO product is the Lounger SL Chair. We always have our chairs with us for ski trips, camping trips, river days, concerts – you name it. 

Fun Fact? 

I served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines from 2015 - 2017, where I met my husband. Greatest experience of my life!

A woman sits in her hammock with insulation while surrounded by a winter wonderland.

Best advice you were ever given? 

I could write an entire list of great advice I’ve been given over the years but a phrase that stands out is, “You can do hard things.” It’s so simple yet profound and really gets to the heart of what holds people back in life. Hard is okay, and we are all fully capable and doing hard things – whether that’s taking up a new hobby outdoors, moving to a new place, changing careers, etc.


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