Meet ENO Ambassador: Nathaniel Flowers

Say hello to Nathaniel Flowers. Based in Asheville, NC he is a self-proclaimed local adventure-seeker and his social media is sure to give you the itch to explore. Read on to get inspired...
Meet ENO Ambassador: Nathaniel Flowers

Meet Ambassador Nathaniel Flowers! He is always on the move and has countless interests, hobbies, and talents. Nathaniel has been creating content with ENO for the past 2 years and brings enthusiasm to every project. He is a self-proclaimed local adventure-seeker and his social media is sure to give you the itch to explore. Here's Nathaniel...

Where are you located? 

Asheville, NC

How did you get interested in the outdoors? Why do you think time outside is important? 

From my early days in the Boy Scouts to graduating from Appalachian State University, I’ve always felt happiest when I was outdoors. Being in nature can improve physical and mental health, boost energy levels, and promote a greater sense of well-being. 

A man sits in a hammock with insulation surrounded by snow in the winter.

 What are your favorite outdoor activities? 

There are too many to count: hiking, slacklining, climbing, free-skating, mountain biking... If it's outside count me IN.

What is your favorite 12 oz beverage to keep in the stash pocket of your hammock?

An Ice cold Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA  

What is your history with ENO gear? 

I think I was about 14 when I purchased my first ENO hammock for a Boy Scout camping trip. I don’t remember using my sleeping bag once on that trip!

Favorite ENO product(s)? 

TechNest Hammock: I love the compact size. The easy-drying material comes in handy after chilling by the lake or at a waterfall, and the built-in stuff sack on the end of the hammock makes packing up super easy.

Lounger SL Chair: Perfect for every occasion - chilling by the river, to chilling at a music festival! 

A man sits in an ENO Lounger SL camp chair in the woods.

Fun Fact? 

After doing the math, an average 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer cumulus cloud weighs about 1.1 billion pounds.

Best advice you were ever given? 

Live for now, tomorrow isn't guaranteed. 

Anything else you would like people to know? 

Outdoors is a place for everyone! Whether it's in your backyard or on a mountain, nature is a place for everyone!

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