Review: ENO Lounger™ GL Chair is Made for Sittin'

Kelly Knauf reviews ENO's innovative new chair, the Lounger GL. Read how she rated the comfort, features, packability, durability, and friendliness to the earth in her gear testing.
Review: ENO Lounger™ GL Chair is Made for Sittin'

Written and photographed by Kelly Knauf

Story Time 

The sun is going to start setting soon at camp, so I grab my ENO Lounger GL Chair and head to higher ground so I can enjoy the impending sunset. Since I plan to walk up a hill and climb a boulder, bringing my camp chair isn’t an option. I set up my Lounger GL quickly, easily and there’s plenty of time to enjoy the fading sun.

The ENO Lounger GL has been a great addition to my arsenal of camping and leisure gear. I’ve had the opportunity to test this chair camping, hanging by the pool, and relaxing at the park. It’s an awesome, small item to bring when you’re on-the-go. It’s the item I never knew I needed for relaxing on the ground.


A woman puts together the ENO Lounger GL chair



The Lounger GL was super comfortable in all the environments I tested it in. It doesn’t provide padding on the ground, so just know you’ll be feeling whatever is under you. The backrest is great and allows more comfort than if you were to be simply sitting on a blanket or on the ground.


The first thing I noticed when I pulled out the Lounger GL was how lightweight yet study the frame was. It was also super easy to put together and snaps into place perfectly. The backrest lets you lean back at the perfect angle and the material under your legs is water-resistant to protect you from the elements. There’s a pillow at the top of the chair for extra head and neck support. Behind the pillow, there’s also a little pouch perfect for your phone, keys, or sunscreen. Lastly, there are handles at the top and bottom of the packed chair, making it easy to grab or even attach to a backpack.


A close up image of the Lounger GL chair pillow and pocket holding a phone.



The Lounger GL packs down to 5” x 5” x 15.5” - pretty compact for the comfort you get. Coming in at a weight of 2lb 5oz, it’s the perfect thing to have in the car to grab for any impromptu adventures. 

The one thing that took me a bit of time to figure out was how to pack it up into the stuff sack properly. After a few tries, I found that it’s best to lay the chair material flat, fold in the sides that extend wider than the stuff sack allows, and roll the frame up within the chair material. Using this method allows you to fit the Lounger fully back into the bag!


A woman packs up the Lounger GL by rolling the fabric on the grass.
A woman holds up the Lounger GL packed in its stuff sack.


Durability + Construction

So far so good! From what I can tell the Lounger seems to be constructed well and has done great the handful of times I’ve brought it out. 

What sets the product apart? 

The Lounger GL is pretty unique if I do say so myself! It’s smaller than the standard camp chair, and easier to set up than a hammock. The material under your legs is water-resistant and long enough to keep your legs away from sand and dirt and dry from wet grass.


A woman sits with her arms and legs outstretched while posing for a photo in the Lounger GL chair surrounded by the desert scenery


Who is the product for? 

This product is meant for anyone who loves to relax and wants some extra comfort at the beach, park, or anywhere you’d be sitting on the ground.

Friendliness to the Earth

As a company, ENO is doing their part to have a positive environmental impact. First and foremost, they prioritize making sustainable and responsibly made products. They achieve this by “developing and sourcing high-quality and bluesign® approved materials that meet strict safety and environmental requirements which have a minimum impact on people and the environment.” In addition to the materials they use, ENO also plants trees for every hammock purchase and pledges 1% of their sales to support environmental nonprofits. Overall, it’s great to support a company working hard to reduce their impact on the earth!

Final word

If you’re looking to elevate your experience sitting on the ground, look no further! The ENO Lounger GL is the perfect item to keep you comfortable at the beach, park, or anywhere you’re considering copping a squat.


Author Bio

Kelly Knauf leads the marketing team at Outdoor Prolink. She is a mountain lover, outdoor enthusiast, and professional snack packer. By day she answers emails and writes content, by night she's plotting her next camping trip or snowboarding adventure. To read additional blogs and stories, visit Dirtbag Dreams.

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