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Roots Studio & ENO Hammock Collaboration

Roots Studio & ENO Hammock Collaboration

Each ENO DoubleNest Hammock Print tells a story in dedication to the variety of environmental and social nonprofits that continually work to protect natural spaces, make the outdoors accessible to all, and preserve cultural traditions across the globe. When you purchase an ENO Giving Back DoubleNest Hammock Print you're not only donating to a special cause, you're a part of our shared journey supporting important missions.

Roots Studio ENO DoubleNest Hammock Stuff Sack

The  Roots Studio Giving Back DoubleNest Hammock Print is a collaboration between ENO, Roots Studio, and the Gond Community of India. In the summer of 2019, ENO was introduced to Roots Studio and a partnership was born. 

Roots Studio is an organization that bridges indigenous communities to the global market to amplify voices, preserve endangered heritage, and facilitate economic sustainability through art.  The goal of this collaborative hammock is to showcase indigenous artwork from the Gond community that celebrates the natural world and helps to provide sustainable income for the artist.

Gond artist, Santosh Uikey, created the art that inspired the color palette and hammock print design for this collaboration. The piece also features a local bird called "Jhulni Chirai" who spans a nest that hands off a tree. 

Santosh the artist behind the Roots Studio ENO DoubleNest Hammock Print

The Gond, India’s largest tribal community, lives in forested regions of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in central India. They have kept their unique cultural identity alive despite colonization attempts, and maintain their rich culture that has thrived for centuries.  “Gond art comes from generations of traditions, our way of life, and our immediate natural environment,” notes Gond artist, Santosh Uikey.  It often depicts the interconnectivity of the jungle and its inhabitants through signature patterns from each artist, inspired by tattooing traditions and accompanied by folklore songs to explain each painting.

This collaboration helps to preserve the cultural heritage and traditional arts of the Gond community. A portion of proceeds from each hammock sold goes back to artist Santosh Uikey, and his community ensuring that they can continue to uphold traditions for generations to come. “I want our traditions to be preserved and followed. I always tell my own children to take our traditions forward…I am doing as my mother did and my daughter does as I do.”

Learn more about Gond art and Roots Studio at

woman unfolding a roots studio ENO doublenest hammock print

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ENO is not only about making quality gear, we're also about making the world a better place.  Our DoubleNest Hammock Giving Back Collection celebrates our passion for people and the planet by making an impact through education, inspiration, and actively giving back. Learn more about the Giving Back Hammock Collection. 

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