Sub6 & SuperSub Hammock Toggles: ENO Gear Integration Tips

ENO Hammock Gear
The amazing Sub Series hammocks (the Sub6 and SuperSub) use an aluminum toggle system to connect seamlessly with the Helios Series straps! Our ultralight hammocks use these toggles in the place of carabiners, to minimize pack weight while maximizing security. Below are our tips on how to best use the toggles when attaching accessories that utilize carabiners with other hammock models.


Hammock Straps


Toggle + Atlas Straps: 

Although the toggles of our Sub-series hammocks are designed to integrate with the Helios series of straps, they can easily be used with your Atlas Suspension System with the addition of two carabiners.

1. Slide the toggle back to create a loop in the Dyneema Line.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

2. Clip your carabiner to the loop.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

3. Adjust carabiner.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

4. Clip your carabiner to the appropriate Atlas loop for your distance and repeat on other end.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear


Toggle + Bug Net (Guardian SL): 

Below is our suggested method for hanging your Guardian SL with the Sub6 and SuperSub Hammock toggle system.

1. Insert Helios attachment point through the ridgeline ring of your Guardian SL.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

2. Connect hammock toggle, with the ring remaining on the Helios side.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

3. Release ridgeline, repeat on other end, then tighten, cinch, & adjust Guardian SL.



Toggle + Underquilt: 

The Underquilt attachment requires the least amount of weight and tension, but it is still hard to untie knots in shock-cord! Here is our suggestion for knot free hookup.

1. Place the end of your underquilt’s shock-cord behind the already connected toggle.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

2. Open the Helios connection point.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

3. Feed the end of the shock-cord (including the knot) through the attachment point.

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

4. Release, repeat, and enjoy!

ENO Hammock Strap Gear

For additional setup questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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