Which Hammock is Right for Me?

You're thinking about purchasing a hammock? While there are plenty of options available, this guide will break down the many different types of hammocks and help you find the perfect one that will fit your hammocking needs.
Which Hammock is Right for Me?

So you’re thinking about purchasing a hammock. Maybe this isn’t your first hammock; you might already have one or even two of your own, but you want to see what else is out there. Perhaps you’re a hammock newbie and have no idea what you’re looking for. Either way, we’ve got good news for you; while there are plenty of options available, this guide will break down the many different types of hammocks and help you find the perfect one that will fit your hammocking needs.

Not everyone is going to select a hammock in the same way. Maybe you’re particular about the material of a hammock or about how many people it will hold. Or perhaps you are looking for the best hammock for ultralight camping. This guide will help break down hammocks for different types of shoppers to help guide you through the selection process, no matter how you plan to shop for a hammock. First we’ll break down the types of hammocks, then go deeper into the right hammock for specific activities, and finally, talk about the sizes of hammocks.
















Classic Hammocks

Also known as gathered end hammocks — because the ends are gathered and a rope is either sewed in between or wrapped around the ends. That rope also serves as the loop that the suspension system hooks into. While gathered end hammocks can be made out of a variety of materials, ENO uses a proprietary Nylon fabric that keeps them lightweight, breathable and durable. Our classic hammocks made of lightweight fabric are often referred to as parachute hammocks or travel hammocks because they stuff down easily into a stuff sack or storage bag, and are the most common type of hammock you’ll see strung across college campuses or at campgrounds. ENO’s version of gathered end hammocks come in two sizes: the SingleNest Hammock, which holds one person, and our best selling hammock, the DoubleNest, which can hold two people.

Our iconic DoubleNest  and SingleNest hammocks were inspired by the designs that began in South America, hundreds and maybe even thousands of years ago. There are dozens of sub-styles of South American and Central American hammocks that exist today, most being specific to a region or country with different features and colorful patterns that make them unique. Today, these hammocks are still used in Latin America as beds, a trend that continues to grow around the world.



Portable Spreader Bar Hammocks

Also known as bridge hammocks, are one of the greatest innovations in hammocks. ENO has found a way to reimagine the traditional spreader hammock so that it is more stable and allows the hammock to lay down into a bed for a better sleeping experience.

Traditional spreader bar designs are known for flipping over and dumping out the contents in the process. The instability in traditional spreader bar hammocks is because the elevation of the suspension is the same as the elevation of the hammocker. While the spreader bars themselves offer a utility because they can spread out and flatten into a bed, the trick is lowering the hammocker.

This is why we innovated on these designs to combine the benefits of a spreader bar with the steadiness of a gathered end hammock. It’s exciting to see the original spreader bar designs evolve into a hammock with improved safety and comfort.

The SkyLoft Hammock and SkyLite Hammock are ideal bed replacements because of the steadiness of the hammock but also because of the flat surface. The bed is dropped down below the spreader bar making the entire system stable from tipping over. Further, because the bed is flat, it allows the hammocker to lay sideways so sleeping is as comfortable as in your own bed. These options are packable and easy to bring along on your next adventure.

Photo by ENO

Backyard Spreader Bar Hammock

If you are looking for a backyard staple to recharge between adventures, look no further than our SuperNest Hammock. Crafted to withstand the elements, this durable, yet extremely comfortable hammock is designed to live seasonally outdoors. The SuperNest’s quilted body features a plush Olefin fabric upper, with fade resistance to UV light, and breathable mesh lining to ensure quick drying after rain. The SuperNest’s 3D-contoured design, optional tether system, and spreader bars make it extremely stable, resulting in a better user experience.

The modern aesthetic, premium materials, and down-to-earth color palette guarantees this hammock will look right at home, wherever you hang it. The SuperNest pairs perfectly with our SoloPod XL Hammock Stand or our Apollo Hammock Straps.

Photo by Ryan Tipton

Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are becoming increasingly popular as more people study and work from home. Not only do they offer the ability to sit upright and sway while cranking out a paper or working toward a project deadline, there’s a good amount of evidence that shows that the swaying motion of a hammock improves focus and concentration. Who wouldn’t want that while working?

The Lounger DL Chair is a fan-favorite offering a high back and pillow to support your head. It's a great options for sitting on the sidelines, around the bonfire, or while car camping. Its sibling, the Lounger SL Chair, has a mesh back and lower profile, making it ideal for the beach, warm climates, or lawn concerts. 


What’s the best hammock for camping or ultralight camping?

It really depends on what kind of camping you’re doing. If you’re car camping, we suggest the SkyLite Hammock. The SkyLite will flatten out, keeping pressure from mounting on your back and booty and essentially, making the hammock sleeping as comfortable as sleeping in a bed. Or maybe you’re through-hiking the Appalachian Trail and every ounce matters, in which case the Sub6 Ultralight Hammock is the way to go. At 5.8 ounces, it packs down impossibly small and weighs a fraction of a tent.

Photo by Emma Skye

What’s the best hammock for indoors?

The answer to this depends on how much space you have and how you plan to mount your hammock.

If you have space to mount between two studs, you’ll need a minimum of 10-14 feet which will depend on the length of your hammock, how high the anchors are placed, and how high off the ground you would like to hang. Remember, do not place your hammock higher than 18 inches off the ground, when in use. 

Our Deluxe Hammock Hanging Kit will give you the most flexibility and stability when mounting your hammock in your space. It is compatible with all of ENO hammocks, but carabiners must be added to our toggle hammocks.  

Photo by ENO

The Parkway Adjustable Hammock Stand gives you a place to hammock at home, whether thats inside, on your back porch, or in your yard. The telescoping base adjusts between 7 and 8 feet, so it can adjust perfectly to your space. 

If you’re looking for a bed replacement, the SkyLoft or SkyLite is the ideal option. These hammocks have a dropped bed that allows you to lay flat like you would in a normal bed, except that you can sway back and forth into slumber.

What’s the best hammock for a porch?

Our favorite porch hanger is the DoubleNest. There’s plenty of space to sprawl out and sway, lay down, sit down (if you need to work or study) and relax, and it includes room for two. It pairs perfectly with the space-saving Parkway Adjustable Hammock Stand. 

If you live in an especially buggy-area, you may want to consider bug net to go over your DoubleNest, or even consider the JungleNest Hammock or SkyLite Hammock options which have a built-in bug net.

What’s the best hammock for hunting?

Without a doubt, the ENO JungleNest Hammock is the right hammock for the occasion. With the attached bug net that’s stowable (as shown below), setup is made easy after a hard day’s work. Pair the JungleNest™ with a bottom and top quilt for a warm, restful night’s sleep.

Photo by Shawn Grenniger

Sizes of Hammocks

Hammocks come in pretty standard sizes with single or double being the most common. The single and double options refer to the number of people that can comfortably fit in the hammock. Both single and double hammocks will hold 250 to 400 pounds depending on the model. Some ENO hammocks come in different lengths that range from 7 feet to 10 feet long.

Single Hammock

A single, hammock simply put, is built for one person. But we get the question all the time; what about one person and one small dog? Our SingleNest Hammock has a load capacity of 400 pounds (same as the DoubleNest). So, does your dog fit into the weight capacity of this hammock? If so, then heck yeah, a small dog will fit into a single hammock with you!

Photo by Henry Friedman

Double Hammock

A double hammock is for two people. Our DoubleNest is the most popular hammock we make and quite possibly, the most popular hammock available (at least that's what our fans tell us). And rightly so with its 400-pound weight capacity and 19-ounce weight; plus, it compresses down to the size of a large grapefruit and sets up in seconds. It’ll let you sway in the most beautiful places on earth, all while safely enjoying the company of a partner.

Photo by Cherisa Hawkins



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