Featured in USA Today‘s “Surf Report:  Lightweight Gear for Outdoor Adventures” by Alice Truong. “HANGING IN NATURE Ah, to relax in a hammock, surrounded by trees and nature’s tranquility. Depending on where you’re heading, you can trade in the tent for a lightweight hammock on your next camping trip.
When you think hammock, you think ultimate relaxation. When you see a hammock, with its comfortable parachute material beckoning you in for a delightful snooze, it’s hard to say no. And though they’re pretty much universally known as a thing of relaxation greatness, there are some misconceptions about hammocks that we feel need to be debunked.
Do you want to lay on the cold hard ground or lay in a nice comfy hammock? A nice comfy hammock? Cold hard ground? Tell me more they say. Well, why don’t I show you what you’re missing?
Eagles Nest Outfitters’s innovative SingleNest was recognized for its appeal in the industry by a panel of distinguished retailers at the 2013 National Hardware Show®. Asheville, NC – Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), the original producer of camping and travel parachute hammocks, was honored by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) as one of the most innovative products on today’s market.
Tucked away in the Southeastearn corner of Tennessee, about 40 minutes Northwest of Chattanooga, you’ll find Foster Falls in the little town of Sequatchie. Foster Falls makes for a great day trip or weekend camping trip.
There’s nothing quite like being out in the woods. You breathe in the fresh air, gaze up at the trees all around you, and study the flora and fauna that the forest holds. It’s refreshing, setting out to explore a trail. And whether you’re camping, hiking, backpacking, or just wandering around in your back yard, it’s always important to keep an eye out for poisonous plants.
As outdoor enthusiasts that frequently enjoy the thrill and beauty of natural environments, we must think critically about the inevitable impact that human activity has on our natural areas. 
New, ‘How-To’ hammock set up video kicks off the first of what is hoped to be many more to come for the parachute hammock company. Taking their creative talents behind the lens, Eagles Nest Outfitters, the original parachute hammock creator, launch their first product ‘how-to’ video, detailing the set up of the ENO hammock and hammock suspension system.
As we’re rolling into June, our back seats are getting dirty from weekend camping trips and our ENOs are getting crusty from such regular usage. Although we think this lived-in-look adds character to our products, it is still important to keep them clean and fresh. After all, the better you take care of your ENO, the longer it will last for you! And it’s not just your ENO this applies to – all your camping faves get happier when you dust them off after a couple of days on the trail. Here’s an easy guide to cleaning up your camping kit post-trip. 1) Give your ENO some it-time When you get back home after an outdoors trip it’s important to let your hammock hang by itself for a while. Pop it out of its stuff sack and hang it up in your yard/outdoor space for a few hours to air it out. Although this is always worth doing, it is super import when you have been in wet or damp conditions as leaving your hammock stuffed while wet will increase the chances of it growing mold or smelling ripe. If the weather remains bad or your outdoor space is limited,...

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