New, ‘How-To’ hammock set up video kicks off the first of what is hoped to be many more to come for the parachute hammock company. Taking their creative talents behind the lens, Eagles Nest Outfitters, the original parachute hammock creator, launch their first product ‘how-to’ video, detailing the set up of the ENO hammock and hammock suspension system.
As we’re rolling into June, our back seats are getting dirty from weekend camping trips and our ENOs are getting crusty from such regular usage. Although we think this lived-in-look adds character to our products, it is still important to keep them clean and fresh. After all, the better you take care of your ENO, the longer it will last for you! And it’s not just your ENO this applies to – all your camping faves get happier when you dust them off after a couple of days on the trail. Here’s an easy guide to cleaning up your camping kit post-trip. 1) Give your ENO some it-time When you get back home after an outdoors trip it’s important to let your hammock hang by itself for a while. Pop it out of its stuff sack and hang it up in your yard/outdoor space for a few hours to air it out. Although this is always worth doing, it is super import when you have been in wet or damp conditions as leaving your hammock stuffed while wet will increase the chances of it growing mold or smelling ripe. If the weather remains bad or your outdoor space is limited,...
Back in the summer of 1999, the idea behind ENO was born in the campsites and throbbing crowds of Festivals. Since then, our original parachute hammock’s popularity grew, and today they can be seen not only at music festivals and community gatherings, but nationwide.
Although cold drizzle and sporadic rain showers have the potential to threaten anyone’s outdoor experience, there’s always good, old fashioned waterproof clothing!
The Appalachian Trail has long been a hike that isn’t just about getting some exercise, breathing in some fresh air and seeing some incredible scenery.

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