4 Ways to Hang Your Hammock and What They Say About You

We break down the 4 best ways to hang your hammock and what each way says about you.
4 Ways to Hang Your Hammock and What They Say About You

Did you know there is more than one way to hang your ENO hammock? We’re here to break down the 4 best ways to hang your hammock and what each way says about you.


A man sits in a blue DoubleNest hammock that overlooks the blue ridge mountains.


The Tree Hugger

The most classic way to hang your hammock is between two trees, using our ENO hammock straps. As you wrap the hammock straps around the tree, be sure to give that tree a biiiig hug for holding you up. As always, all ENO hammock straps feature a no-knots-needed design, making them a quick and easy way to set up your hammock on the go. Our straps give you the perfect way to hang whenever you stumble upon those perfect hammocking trees. 

Hammock strap users like to adventure far and wide, but also love hitting up their local hammock friendly parks for an impromptu hang out with friends, study sesh after class, or unexpected - but needed -  snooze. They are avid hikers who never leave their house without a hammock and straps in tow, just in case the right opportunity arises. Now comes the hard part… which ENO hammock tree straps do you choose as your hammock companion?


A woman sets up her Atlas Hammock Straps around a tree.


If you’re looking for our most popular hammock straps, with a quick and intuitive setup that provides you with 30 combined attachment points, check out our Atlas Hammock Straps or the longer version the Atlas XL Hammock Straps. 

If you’re a more technical adventurer who likes to cut weight from their pack and fine-tune their hangout with the best ultralight gear, the Helios Hammock Straps or Helios XL Hammock Straps may be the perfect fit. These ultralight hammock tree straps utilize webbing and Siverlite™ cord for high-performance and durability, without adding weight. Adjust these hammock straps infinitely with the Microtune™ adjustment system to dial in that ideal hang.


A man adjusts his Helios Hammock Straps to be the perfect hanging length.


Lastly, the Apollo Hammock Straps, our thickest and most weather-proof straps, are for the hammockers who are looking for durability and strength above all else. They pair perfectly with our SuperNest Hammock and SuperNest SL Hammock for extended backyard use. 


A couple sits in a SuperNest SL Hammock in the SoloPod XL Hammock Stand.


The Backyard Dweller

Satisfy your hammock cravings, regardless of your access to trees, with our collection of hammock stands. They are sturdy, safe, and can transform your backyard into the perfect place to hang out. 

People with backyard hammock stands tend to prioritize convenience, comfort, and take pride in cultivating their space. They appreciate reliability and have an appreciation for both form and function when making a purchase. Why hammock out and about when you can do it a few steps from your door?


A couple lays in a SuperNest SL hammock in a SoloPod XL Hammock Stand in their backyard at sunset.


Create some backyard envy with the SoloPod Hammock Stand for your gathered-end hammocks or the SoloPod XL Hammock Stand for your spreader bar hammocks.


A woman sits in a DoubleNest Hammock Print while using the Nomad Hammock Stand overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.


For those hammockers who may not have a backyard, but like to be prepared wherever they go - the Nomad Hammock Stand is compact, portable, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. You will always have a place to hang out whether you are above the treeline, at the beach, or on your next car camping trip.


Two people share a DoubleNest Hammock Print in the Lotus Lounge while at Floyd Music Festival.


The Life of the Party

For our brewery boppers and festival goers - keep your eye out for the Lotus Lounge and ENOpods. The Lotus Lounge, modeled after a Lotus flower, is a sculptural dreamscape for festival hammocking that can hold 11 ENO hammocks. Not to mention the central area can be outfitted with a DJ booth for nighttime jams. Kick your feet back and rock out.


Three people relax and chat in hammocks in a three-person hammock stand, the ENOpod.


ENOpods allows for 3 hammocks so you can relax in good company. Grab your two best buds, and lay back for an inclusive hammocking experience. Keep your eyes peeled for these trio-stands on your next brewery trip to Asheville.

If you have spent time in an ENOpod or Lotus Lounge, you’re probably an extroverted social butterfly. You are the one who encourages people on the dance floor and makes every situation more fun. You love quality conversation and shared experiences with strangers and friends alike.


A man uses a deluxe indoor hammock hanging kit while in a room.


The Home Body

You may not know this - but you can hammock inside. Yes, INSIDE!. 

So whether you live in a cold climate or prefer to spend a lot of your time at home, our hammock hanging kits allow you to set up your ENO hammock in any cozy corner you find. 

You have two options for indoor mounting - our Deluxe Hammock Hanging Kit which features three attachment loops for more flexibility when hanging your hammock, or a more simplified version, the Hammock Hanging Kit.

If you already own a hammock hanging kit, chances are you are introverted, meaning you like your quiet time to rest and recharge, and find the most peace at home. Your hammock corner is a talking piece for all guests, and your favorite place to sneak away for an afternoon nap or to sit back and read a book.


Which will you choose?

A woman sits in a hammock using a SoloPod Hammock Stand while in the desert.


From hammock straps to hammock stands, to lively festivals and quality time at home - there are endless opportunities to enjoy your ENO gear, wherever you find yourself. Now we want to know… which method feels like you?

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