ENO Hammock Camping 101

Are you curious about hammock camping but don't know where to start? Are you an experienced hammock camper looking to upgrade your setup? If you sa...
ENO Hammock Camping 101

Are you curious about hammock camping but don't know where to start? Are you an experienced hammock camper looking to upgrade your setup? If you said yes - this blog is for you. We're here to give you our complete guide to hammock camping so you can decide what the right sleeping solution is for you. 

Hanging between the trees is the perfect way to spend the night and our ENO hammock gear provides you with a lightweight and portable alternative to traditional tent camping. You can customize your hammock camping setup to fit your needs, whether you prioritize comfort, shaving weight, or technical features. We'll break down the different gear combinations we offer so you can choose what will work best for you. 

Choosing the Right ENO Gear

ENO Hammocks + Straps

When it comes to hammock camping you will need to find the right ENO hammock and ENO Hammock Straps, for your next adventure. Check out our hammock categories and find the ideal setup for you. 


A man sits in an ENO SingleNest Hammock eating Ramen noodles.

ENO Flagship Hammocks

ENO SingleNest Hammock - These ENO gathered end hammocks are designed to provide a compact and lightweight hammock perfect for one person. This 9’6” length and 4’10” width hammock comes with a hammock body crafted from durable, breathable, and fast-drying FreeWave fabric. The integrated stuff sack compresses the hammock to a travel ready size and features an internal stash pocket designed to fit your favorite 12 oz. beverage. These hammocks come in a variety of colors and pair perfectly with our ENO Atlas Hammock Straps or Atlas XL Hammock Straps. Or try our Atlas EXT Ultimate Tree Protection for added length and tree protection. Lastly, if you’re looking for other lightweight options, try out our Helios Ultralight or Helios XL Ultralight Hammock Straps


A man sits in a DoubleNest hammock while camping


ENO DoubleNest Hammock or DoubleNest Hammock Print -  if you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable hammocking option, then the ENO DoubleNest or DoubleNest Print options are the perfect hammock camping accessory for you. With 9’6” length and 6’4” width of hammock body, custom carabiners, FreeWave fabric, and plenty of room to share, go with some of our classic color options or be bold with a featured print. The classic ENO Atlas or Atlas XL suspension systems are great straps to pair with these, but can also be paired with the ENO Helios Ultralight Straps or Helios XL Ultralight Straps. Or if you’re looking to further minimize your impact in nature, try our ENO Atlas EXT Ultimate Tree Protection Straps that will open new doors to hanging locations as well as add 10’ to your suspension system. 

Ultralight Hammocks

Sub6 Ultralight Hammock - If you’re looking for a single-person hammock that embodies the spirit of the backcountry, check out the impressive ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock that only weighs 5.8 oz. Crafted with lightweight 30D ripstop nylon and new aluminum toggles, this hammock will provide you with the ultimate comfort and can fit into even the smallest of packs. Using the Sub6 Ultralight Hammock is best used with one person. 


A woman lays in a Sub6 ultralight hammock.

 SuperSub Ultralight Hammock - Weighing in at only 9.8 ounces the ENO SuperSub Ultralight Hammock shaves weight without sacrificing comfort. Bigger than the Sub6 and similar in size to our ENO DoubleNest Hammocks, this impressive ENO hammock is trail-ready and perfect for a backpacking enthusiast.

The Sub6 Ultralight Hammock and SuperSub Ultralight Hammock are best paired with our Helios Ultralight Hammock Straps or Helios XL Ultralight Hammock Straps, each featuring ENO's super strong Silverlite Cord and Microtune Adjustment System that makes setting up and packing up a breeze. This hammock is compatible with all of our other straps as well, as you can add a carabiner to use in lieu of a toggle, which can be found under our ENO replacement parts


Integrated Bug Net Hammocks

JungleNest Hammock - Experience ENO hammock camping comfort with this extended 10’ ENO JungleNest hammock that features a structural ridgeline and integrated bug net. A lightweight DAC spreader bar creates a tent-like canopy and more space to spread out, plus the bug net folds back for those days the bugs aren’t biting. Stay protected from insects in a comfortable and packable hammock package with these features you’ll love!


A boy lays in a JungleNest Hammock while in the forest.


SkyLite Hammock - The tent-inspired SkyLite Hammock provides unrivaled camping comfort with its game-changing ergonomic design and ultralight removable DAC spreader bars. The spacious 7-foot-long hammock body is constructed with a proprietary pattern that creates a more flat and supportive sleeping experience, unlike any other hammock. Add in SkyLite's integrated bug net and large J-shape door and you're experiencing the best comfort possible. 


A woman lays in her SkyLite hammock protcted by a rain tarp while hammock camping


The JungleNest Hammock and SkyLite Hammock pair nicely with the Helios Ultralight Hammock Straps or Helios Ultralight XL Hammock Straps. Each of these suspension systems comes with a no-knots-needed setup and the Microtune Adjustment System. These hammocks can also be compatible with our other ENO straps if a carabiner is added, which can be found on our ENO replacement parts page. 


ENO Insulation + Blankets

A night in the woods can get pretty chilly, even with the best of weather! We have solved the problem of being cold during hammock camping with our awesome ENO insulation options.


A man lays in a DoubleNest Hammock using a Vulcan UnderQuilt to keep warm.



Ember UnderQuilt - Beginning with ENO’s most budget-friendly underquilt, the Ember UnderQuilt is ideally meant for 40 to 60 degree weather and works even better when paired with an ENO TopQuilt. With a fully adjustable suspension system that adapts to any sleeping position, and a durable water repellent finish for wind and weather resistance, this 100% post-consumer recycled synthetic insulation is the perfect hammock camping accessory.

Vulcan UnderQuilt - Moving to our middle-priced insulation option, our ENO Vulcan UnderQuilt is meant for weather between 30 to 50 degrees. A water repellent finish and specialized coating provide wind and weather resistance. The dual-layer insulation is made of 65% post-consumer recycled synthetic insulation that maintains its structure and heat abilities even when packed away. Just shake it out and you’re ready to go!

Each of these ENO UnderQuilts is compatible with any ENO hammock with the exception of the SkyLoft and SuperNest series hammock and can fit users up to 6’2’’.


A man sleeps while using a Vesta TopQuilt in a hammock.



Spark Camp Quilt - On the budget-friendly side of our TopQuilts is the ENO Spark Camp Quilt. Perfect for weather between 40 to 60 degrees, and with a 3-in-1 design the Spark can function as a hammock top quilt, camp blanket, or minimalist sleeping bag. This ENO Topquilt is made With 100% post-consumer recycled synthetic insulation and has materials that meet bluesign® criteria. 

Vesta TopQuilt - Built with two layers of high-performance insulation the ENO Vesta TopQuilt is meant to keep you warm in weather conditions from 30 to 50 degrees. With a 2-in-1 design, the Vesta can convert into a hammock top quilt or camp quilt with a zippered foot box and adjustable draft collar. With 65% post-consumer recycled synthetic insulation this mid-priced TopQuilt option will keep you warm on your hammock camping adventures.

All TopQuilts can comfortably fit users up to 6’2’’ and make a wonderful addition to your ENO gear for your next hammock camping adventure. 

ENO Rain Tarps 

For more protection from what’s above we’ve got you covered! Rain Tarps are great for providing protection from more than just rain. They can also cut down on wind, provide shade, or create privacy from other people. Our ENO hammock rain tarps are a great solution for all these scenarios and more. 


A hammock camping setup overlooks the blue ridge mountains.


ProFly Rain Tarp - the 10’6” by 6’4” ProFly Tarp is made with heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric with waterproof coating, a six-point anchor system with an easy no-knots-needed setup, and integrated LineLoc tensioners and aluminum ridgeline hooks. 

ProFly XL Rain Tarp - providing a longer and wider coverage than the ProFly, the 13’ x 9’2” ENO ProFly XL Rain Tarp offers extended protection from the elements. Its storm-resistant construction includes heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric with waterproof coating, a six-point anchor system with an easy no-knots-needed setup, and integrated LineLoc tensioners and aluminum ridgeline hooks. 

DryFly Rain Tarp - the 10’6”x 9’3” ENO DryFly Rain Tarp will protect you from extreme weather with its expansive footprint and eight-point anchor system with a no-knots-needed set-up. The heavy nylon fabric has a waterproof coating and comes with six premium aluminum ground stakes as well as integrated LineLoc tensioners and aluminum ridgeline hooks. 

ProFly Sil Rain Tarp - for more coverage with less weight, check out the 10’6”x 6’4” ENO ProFly Sil Rain Tarp. Lightweight yet durable ripstop nylon fabric with waterproof coating as well as integrated LineLoc tensioners and aluminum ridgeline hooks. 

ProFly XL Sil Rain Tarp - longer and wider than the ProFly Sil, the 13' x 9’2” ProFly Sil XL Rain Tarp features storm-resistant construction with integrated, the storm-resistant construction has integrated LineLoc tensioners and aluminum ridgeline hooks, as well as a six-point anchor system with an easy no-knots-needed setup.

HouseFly Rain Tarp - check out ENO’s weatherproof fortress which is the 10'8" x 8'10"  HouseFly Rain Tarp. This rain tarp comes with a ten-point anchor system and eight DAC aluminum ground stakes. The easy no-knot-need setup will get the lightweight and durable nylon fabric rain tarp up in no time. 

Each ENO rain tarp comes with stakes to ensure you will stay dry all night long. These tarps are great for ease of mind, but will not keep the bugs away. That’s where our ENO bug nets come in!

ENO Bug Nets

Our ENO hammock bug nets were designed to surround your ENO hammock with breathable SkyWeave Mesh to create a bug-free refuge. With quick access zippers and integrated gear loops, you’ll love this addition to your hammock camping gear.


A man unzips his Guardian SL Bug Net


Guardian SL Bug Net - The lightweight 9' x 3' Guardian SL Bug Net is the perfect choice for the minimalist camper or ultralight backpacker. Combining simplicity and versatility the integrated ridgeline and streamlined shape provides 360-degree insect protection with its SkyWeave Lite Mesh.

ENO Guardian Bug Net - The 9’4” x 4’3” ENO Guardian Bug Net is built with breathable SkyWeave Mesh to create a bug-free haven. Quick and easy to set up with a fully vertical zippered entry and integrated gear loops, this no-knots-needed bug net will keep you comfortable during your hammock camping adventures. 

ENO Guardian DX Bug Net - Our most advanced bug net the 9'4" x 2'6" x 3'7" ENO Guardian DX is designed with SkyWeave Lite Mesh with dual zipper doors and a DAC Featherlite spreader bar. The innovative ridgeline construction helps optimize the interior volume of the net and reduces your contact with the mesh to keep you safe from any and all insects. 


A OneLink hammock camping system is fully setup in the woods and ready for hammock camping.


ENO Hammock Systems

If you’re looking for an all-in-one ENO hammock system for your hammock camping adventure, be sure to check out our OneLink Hammock System, our SubLink Ultralight Hammock System, and JungleLink Hammock System, or our Nomad Hammock System. Check out what these hammock systems come with:

  • OneLink Hammock System - comes with a DoubleNest Hammock and Atlas Hammock Straps, with a Guardian Bug Net and a ProFly Rain Tarp. 
  • SubLink Ultralight Hammock System - comes with one Sub6 Hammock with a Helios Hammock Straps, and Guardian SL Bug Net plus a ProFly Sil Rain Tarp. 
  • JungleLink Hammock System - comes with a JungleNest Hammock with an integrated bug net as well as a Helios Hammock Straps, plus a DryFly Rain Tarp. 
  • Nomad Shelter System - this shelter system is designed to fit the ENO Nomad Stand and an ENO hammock (each item sold separately) with two easy-access doors, a lightweight DAC pole system, and a spacious waterproof floor. 

These systems are known for being quick and easy, with a knot-free, lightweight and portable setup that will have you ready to head to the woods!


A group hangs around the fire while camping


Tips & Tricks for Hammock Camping

Check our team's tips and tricks on hammock camping, and be sure to also check out our partners at REI’s Expert Advice on hammock camping

Ensure Hammocking is Allowed and Possible

  • Call ahead to ensure that the area you’re planning to hammock camp has trees and that hammocking is permitted. Look for healthy, mature trees that have at least a 6” diameter and no dead branches above.

Sleep Comfortably 

  • When sleeping in a hammock, the most comfortable position is going to be laying at a diagonal. We also recommend bringing a camp pilllow or something that will work as a headrest like a large jacket.

Bring the Coziness 

  • Be sure to bring plenty of insulation for your trip because the weather can get chilly when the sun goes down. Gloves, hats, and sleeping pads can help keep you warm and insulated from any weather.
  • Any hammock camping 70 degrees and below could leave you with a cold butt unless you use one of our ENO UnderQuilts that work like a sleeping bag that surrounds your hammock.
  • Check out our ENO FieldDay Blankets that come in a variety of patterns and are lined with a wonderfully soft polar fleece made out of recycled polyester yarns or look into our ENO TopQuilts for versatile warmth.

Stay Safe

  • Before calling it a night, be sure to store any food that would attract animals to your campsite.
  • Additionally ensure you have safety measures in place when spending a night in the woods, such as having an easily accessible light in your hammock set up and added protection like bear spray, etc.

Pack Up Tips

  • At the end of your hammock camping adventure, be sure to follow your gear's individual care instructions for proper cleaning and storage. This will help prevent any build-up of mold or mildew before your next trip

Leave No Trace

  • As always, be sure that when you are interacting with nature or spending a night hammock camping, anything you bring to your campsite leaves with you. 

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