Which Hammock Print is for You?

The hammock print you choose says a lot about you. Read our predictions on your personal style, where you like to vacation, and even the bumper stickers on your car all based on which hammock is yours.
Which Hammock Print is for You?

As a lover of our print hammocks, we know you've got a fun, bold personality, and like your possessions to reflect your personal style. Let's break down each of our hammock prints, and see what they say about you. 

Tie Dye - You are the life of the party. You like to go out of your way to control the aux in the car and at parties. You are barefoot year round and prefer to dance than walk. You have an overabundance of houseplants. You are fun, bold, and are not afraid to stand out.

Lagoon - You have your phone and email set to dark mode. Your favorite episode of Spongebob is when he goes to Rock Bottom. You love 90s-themed parties and you live on the coast. Your screen time is high because you watch a lot of old Scooby Doo episodes on YouTube. 

Mantra - You are grounded and have a calming nature. You make time for relaxation and like to reflect in a quiet peaceful space. Your heart rate has never been lower than when hammocking. You recently started back up your yoga practice and never miss the Saturday farmers market. 


Two college aged girls share a Mantra DoubleNest Print Hammock while studying


Synthwave - You cook dinner every night listening to your classic 80s playlist on Spotify, not Apple Music. You enjoy going to music festivals like Electric Forest and Bonnaroo. You always make it to the sunrise sets but never the morning yoga. Your noise-cancelling headphones are your prized possession and you always actually listen to songs your friends recommend, not just say you do. 

Retro - Your favorite show is That “70s Show”. You enjoy using your film camera to document your life, rather than your phone. Your Hydro Flask is decorated with stickers from your travels, and you are trying to learn to crochet. Your prized possessions are your record collection, your plethora of house plants, and your cat, named Kitty.

Fade - You’ve been told you light up a room when you walk in. You notice the little things and find joy in small moments. You like sunsets more than sunrises. You like your ice cream in a cone, rather than a cup. You live near a body of water, and swimming in the ocean is your happy place. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says, “Tell your dog I said hi.”


A woman sits in her Fade DoubleNest Hammock Print near the coast.

Tropic - You’re a beach bum through and through, but not the kind to surf all day, more the type to collect shells, volunteer to keep watch over sea turtle nests and wake up for sunrise on the beach. Your car always has sand in it, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean. You start each day with a fresh fruit smoothie or acai bowl, typically with pineapple in it.

Boulder - You welcome new challenges and push yourself to new heights. You’re a rock climber and have made that your entire personality. You appreciate a hammock-grade carabiner. You exclusively wear 5-panel hats and should probably wash your Nalgene more than you do.

Tundra - You’re a self-proclaimed granola person who has a healthy collection of hand-me-down sweaters and lives near the mountains. You like to vacation in bigger mountains. You prefer coffee over tea, veggie burgers to beef, and snowboarding over skiing. You wear a beanie year-round and will never turn down a cold plunge.

A couple snuggles up while sitting in a Tundra DoubleNest Hammock Print during autumn.

Mountains to Sea - When asked if you’re a mountain or beach person, you panic. You can’t possibly choose just one. You appreciate the ebb and flow of life - the highs and lows, along with the changing tide. Your favorite flowers are Mountain Laurels, and you have an affinity for crab cakes. 

Surf Break - You’re the adventurous beachgoer who would rather catch waves than read a book on the beach. You’re whole aesthetic is laced with vintage undertones. You daydream of buying a VW bus and traveling the coast full-time. Your Chaco tan is as permanent as the minimalist wave tattoo on your arm. Hang loose, my friend.

How’d we do? Which print are you? Be sure to tag us in your adventures with your gear at @enohammocks on Instagram and @eno_hammocks on TikTok.

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