What Your Hammock Choice Says About You

Everyone enjoys feeling seen, whether that’s through your horoscope, enneagram, or latest Buzzfeed quiz. Our team took a stab at personifying your hammock choice; how’d we do?
What Your Hammock Choice Says About You

Self-expression can come in many forms. It can be in the way you dress, the music you listen to, and yes, even which hammock you choose. We have some predictions about you, based on your choice of hammock. Things like your key character traits, what’s in your closet, and even what bumper sticker you have on your car.

Whether you can’t decide which hammock to choose, or you have one already and are curious if it matches your ENO-deemed personality, find it below and see how right we are about you. 

SingleNest Hammock - You’re happiest when spending time in nature alone. You’re relieved when friends bail on plans. You always carry binoculars in your pack. Your social media is private and you typically share only 5 times a year. You prefer reading on a Kindle and rarely give a book 5 stars on Goodreads. You’re convinced this is the best camping hammock on the market. 

DoubleNest Hammock - You value sharing experiences with others, which is why you chose a two person hammock. You keep your hammock in the car in case the opportunity arises to use it. You learned to play the guitar, but only so you could be that person at the campfire. Your favorite trail snack is trail mix. You’re probably wearing a pair of Chacos, Tevas, or Blundstones as you read this. 


A man and woman share a DoubleNest hammock on a college green.


DoubleNest Print Hammock - You’re the friend that brings people together. You needed a double hammock, but would have gone for a triple if it existed. You like your possessions to reflect your personal style. But, each print gives off a different vibe. To dive deeper into the individual print personalities, check out our dedicated blog for DoubleNest Print Hammocks

SkyLoft Hammock - You can’t fully function without a minimum of 10 hours of sleep. You’re a daydreamer who likes to watch clouds float by and find shapes in them, preferably in your lay-flat hammock. You take a daily walk with your dog, chat with the neighbors, and admire the warm evening light. On Saturdays, we can find you posted up at your local brewery, relaxing in your tree hammock with a few close friends. 

SkyLite Hammock - You appreciate comfort and functionality. You like to bring a physical map and compass on your backpacking trip. You are a side sleeper, whose worst fear is spiders crawling in your mouth while you sleep. You’ve used a tent for years, but recently made the switch to hammock camping and will never look back.


A woman lays in an ENO SkyLite Hammock with a rain fly in the middle of a forest


JungleNest Hammock - You value functionality and comfort. You like to seek out the most remote locations to explore. The more rugged the better. Your screensaver is a mountain view from your latest vacation you took just to hike all week. You’re taller than most, you always put on sunscreen, and you are mosquitos' favorite meal, hence the hammock with mosquito net.

TechNest Hammock - You rinse out your yogurt containers before recycling - so naturally you’re choosing the hammock made with recycled fabric. You’re a vegetarian whose favorite color is forest green. You educate people you pass on the trail about Leave No Trace principles. You document your adventures and sustainability tips and share them to your up-and-coming YouTube channel. 

Sub6 Ultralight Hammock - You’re the type who doesn’t have casual hobbies, but once interested in something must learn everything about it as quickly as possible. You thrive off of efficiency and simplicity. You only have half a toothbrush in your backpacking kit to save space and weight. Minimalism brings you maximum joy. You’re active on the hammock camping Subreddit, and try to convert your friends to choose the most portable hammock. 


Surrounded by pine trees, a woman lays in a bright orange ENO Sub6 Ultralight Hammock.


SuperSub Ultralight Hammock - You prefer backpacking to car camping, but with your gear, you try to strike a balance of comfort and weight. When you’re not on the trail on foot, you’re mountain biking and rock climbing in your free time. Your friends can always count on you to say yes to a last-minute road trip to Denver, CO. 

TravelNest Hammock + Straps Combo - You my friend, know a good deal when you see it. The majority of your wardrobe is thrifted, including that Patagonia fleece you’re wearing now. You choose to spend your money more on experiences than things, and good thing too, because you’ve got your next 3 trips planned and your travel hammock is the first thing packed in your bag. 

SuperNest Hammock or SuperNest SL Hammock - You don’t skimp on comfort. Your backyard is the envy of the neighborhood and your friends always assume you’ll host the weekly dinner with your luxury patio furniture. You’re particular about your coffee, read more than 12 books a year, and are a thoughtful gift giver. You know the importance of relaxation and prioritize it in your busy life. 


A couple sits in an ENO SuperNest Hammock with coffee and a guitar.


Did we nail it? Does this have you questioning all your life choices or do you feel affirmed in them? Which ever hammock you choose, it's perfect for you. Be sure to tag us in your adventures with your gear at @enohammocks on Instagram and @eno_hammocks on TikTok.  

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