Debunking Common Hammocking Myths

We’re here to put an end to some common myths, misconceptions, and rumors about hammocking. We go over speculations about hammock safety, comfortability, price, and their impact on the trees we rely on…. and more!
Debunking Common Hammocking Myths

There are some common myths about hammocking: how to sleep in your hammock, which hammock brand is best, and hammocking damages trees. We’ve got some opinions, and some facts, to consider. Read on, 'cause we’re sharing our hammock expertise and debunking common hammocking myths. 


“Hammocks aren’t comfortable to sleep in at night.”

Before you swear off sleeping in a hammock or hammock camping, we have a few tips to make sure you’re doing it right. We have a whole blog on how to hammock camp, but here are the basics: 

  •  Check the distance between trees or anchor points. We’ve found the sweet spot for hammock camping comfort to be about 10-15ft. Too short, and your hammock will create a "V" or banana shape that will cause your head and feet to curve with the hammock. Too long, and your hammock will be too tight causing the sides to wall up and turn you into a human taco. 
  • Give your hammock some slack. Keeping some slack in your hammock allows more flexibility in how you lay in your hammock. Laying at a slight diagonal, with your head to one side and your feet angled to the other, lets you lay flat.
  • Try a spreader bar design. If you’re a side-sleeper, this may be the best option for you. Spreader bar hammocks, also known as bridge hammocks, give you a wider and flatter sleeping platform. Check out our SkyLite Hammock for more of a tent-like hammock feel.

     A woman lays in her ENO SkyLite Hammock while camping overnight.


    "There is no way to hang two hammocks from one set of trees." 

    How do you hang two hammocks from one set of trees? If trees are limited, check out our Fuse Tandem Hammock System. It lets you hang two hammocks, side-by-side, with one set of trees. It has been known to save friendships and relationships - you can be close to one another without being on top of one another. 

    If you want more distance between you and your friend or significant other - check out our hammock stands


    Two people hammock side by side using the ENO Fuse Tandem Hammock System between two trees. A dog licks the woman's face while she hammocks.


    “The best way to get into your hammock is to flip into it.”

    Y’all are overthinking this one. The simplest, safest, and best way to get into your hammock is to spread open the fabric with your hands and sit in it like it’s a chair. From there, you can rotate putting your feet towards one end and head to the opposite to lay down, or stay sitting in it like a chair.

    If you are unable to reach it to sit in your hammock, it is hung too high and is unsafe. Do not hang your hammock any higher than 18 inches from the ground when in use. If you need to do acrobatics to get into it, you’re doing it wrong. 

    A popular, and true, saying: Never hang your hammock higher than you are willing to fall.

     A man sits in an ENO DoubleNest Hammock Print between two trees on the beach.


    "Hammocking damages trees."

    Hammocking can damage trees if done incorrectly. You need to hammock responsibly by following these simple guidelines: 

    • Check regulations to make sure hammocking is allowed. Some National and local parks prohibit hammocking to preserve sensitive plant life and prevent over-use. Some parks regulate how you hammock like the minimum width of your hammock tree straps. Always follow the rules.
    • Use tree-friendly hammock straps with at least 1” of webbing. All ENO hammock straps are tree-friendly, meaning they disperse the pressure on the tree with at least 1" thick webbing. Our Atlas EXT Straps are 2” wide offering maximum tree protection and can be used with any ENO hammock straps. Avoid using rope or other materials that dig into the tree or remove bark.
    • Use healthy, living, mature trees. Make sure the trees you choose to use are thick enough to support your weight. They should be at least 10 inches in diameter, and should not noticeably shake or move when you get into the hammock. 


      A woman sets up her ENO Atlas Hammock Strap while surrounded by a snowy wonderland.


      “Hammocks are only strong enough for small people.”

      It can be scary to sit in a hammock for the first time. Hammocking requires trust. ENO hammocks are thoroughly weight tested and most of our hammocks have a 400 lb weight capacity. Our Sub6 Ultralight Hammock and SuperSub Ultralight Hammocks have a 300 lbs weight capacity. Relax assured that we test them much higher.

      “Hammocks are unstable, I am going to flip and fall.”

      Instability in hammocks tends to happen with traditional, backyard spreader bar hammocks when the weight isn’t centered. Gathered end hammocks, like our DoubleNest and SingleNest Hammocks, create a cocoon around you, making it unlikely you’ll flip out.

      ENO’s backyard spreader bar hammocks, like the SuperNest Hammock and SuperNest SL Hammock, come with a Safety Tether System to attach to your hammock stand to improve safety and stability. Their 3-D Contoured design also helps to prevent tipping and offers a more stable hammock experience.


      Two people share an ENO SuperNest Hammock while in their backyard.


      “ENO hammocks are too expensive. I can find the same thing for $30.” 

      There are some big differences between ENO and our competitors. A lot of factors go into the pricing of our gear. The main reason for the higher price point is that we use responsibly sourced high-quality materials and follow sustainability practices.

      We’ve heard countless stories of ENO gear lasting for a decade or more with proper care. That's because our product team prioritizes sound construction and sourcing durable, responsibly-made materials.

      All of our solid-colored hammock fabric is certified as bluesign® approved which ensures that the material is produced with a minimal impact on people and the environment. For every hammock sold, we plant trees in areas of need, and we donate 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits each year. We also offer product recycling and follow an internationally accepted Vendor Code of Conduct.

      We've also topped lists for making the best quality hammocks throughout the years. Check out a few here.

      If you’re looking for a high quality ENO hammock and ENO hammock straps, but at a lower price point, check out the ENO TravelNest Hammock + Straps Combo. It’s everything you need to hang out, all in one convenient bundle for $54.95.


      A woman reads a book while hanging out in her TravelNest Hammock + Straps Combo between two trees.

      We hope this helped answer some questions and settle some debates. If we left anything out that you’re curious about, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team, at or visit our FAQ Page.

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