5 Tips For Relaxing Outdoors With Your Dog

There’s no better way to spend these crisp, Fall days than outside with our dogs. What should you know before you head out? We here at Fi have some great tips for enjoying the outdoors with your dog and making the most of your journey.
Man and dog inside hammock together near trees and lake

There’s no better way to spend these crisp, Fall days than outside with our dogs. A cool breeze and changing leaves make for the best adventure day! When you reach your destination, take a moment to stop and relax with your pup - you’ve earned it! 

What should you know before you head out? We here at Fi have got you covered! We have some great tips for enjoying the outdoors with your dog and making the most of your journey:

Dog in woods by hammock.

1. Know before you go.

Getting stuck in the rain is no fun! Be sure to check the weather before you go, and keep in mind that the weather can change as you ascend in elevation. 

You’ll also want to check the trail ahead of time to make sure your pup can handle the difficulty, and to take note of any restrictions or rules that the area asks of its visitors. Keep your dog on a leash when required, scoop your dog’s poop, and respect the wildlife!

2. Keep an eye on them at all times.

Safety should be the #1 priority when hanging out with your dog outdoors. If you’d like your dog to have the freedom of off leash hiking, make sure their recall is spot on and they will stay when you ask them to. If not, that’s okay! Leashed walks are just as fun, and you can bring a long line to give your dog a little more room to roam. 

Of course, accidents happen all the time, so it’s best to be prepared just in case. Using a tracking collar, like Fi, is a great tool to have should your dog wander off a little too far. You can view their exact location, turn on the LED collar light if it starts to get dark, and you can even see how many steps they’ve taken during your hike! There’s no better feeling than looking back at all the ground you and your dog have covered over the course of the day.

Dog peering inside hammock occupied by small child

3. Pack plenty of snacks and water!

We’re talking human snacks and dog snacks! Take a moment to rest and recharge with a healthy snack for you and your pup, and we guarantee it’ll keep you moving through the rest of the day.  

And of course, water is super important when exerting all that energy, so pack a bottle for yourself and your dog, and grab a collapsible bowl for your dog to drink from. 

4. Invest in comfortable gear.

When it comes to hiking and camping, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on high quality gear that will last through all of your adventures. Things like comfortable hiking boots are a game changer when it comes to long, difficult treks. 

And just as important is the gear you use to relax at the top! A comfy hammock or lounge chair is a necessity to relax and unwind before heading back down the mountain. Snuggle up with your pup and catch a few Z’s.


Dog inside hammock

5. Take lots of photos! 

These are the moments you’ll look back on and wish you could transport back to. Take this time to unplug and be in the moment, but be sure to snap a few shots before you head out. There’s truly nothing better than a picture of a cute dog laying in a hammock and enjoying the outdoors.

And most importantly - just have fun! It’s a proven, scientific fact that both spending time with our dogs and spending time outdoors is beneficial for our mental health, so combine the two and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face for days. 

For more information on health and location tracking for your dog, head to www.tryfi.com. And for more dog tips and tricks, check out the Off Leash blog! Happy adventuring! 

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