Staff Picks: Shop Our Favorite Gear Vol. 1

The ENO team shares their favorite gear picks to enjoy at the beach, on a ride, or at your favorite local park.
Staff Picks: Shop Our Favorite Gear Vol. 1

Gear recommendations from ENO experts

Our team knows our gear better than anyone else. We use it, test it... and literally dream about hammocks. Meet some of the ENO team and our favorite products, and why we love them so much!


A woman sits in an ENO Lounger SL chair on the beach looking out on a boat.  

Anna, Marketing Director

"My happy place is the beach. Whether relaxing and laughing with friends or on a surf safari searching for the perfect wave, my Islander Blanket is a necessity. Tiny when packed, it unfurls into a large, easy-to-spot, sand-free place to relax. If spending the whole day at the beach, I’ll grab my Lounger SL Chair, the mesh back and bottom keep me dry and its low profile easily fits under a sunshade, protecting my whole body from the sun while I take an afternoon nap. Everything stays organized in my Relay Tote Bag. Its integrated sleeve holds a towel or chair while side pockets ensure easy access to water or sunscreen and the zippered pockets keep my wallet and surf wax secure." 


A hammock camping setup is showing in a pine forest with mountain views in the distance.


Evan, Art Director

"During the warmer months, I really enjoy riding my gravel bike to some of the more rural camping spots within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Scattered throughout are old, somewhat forgotten, logging trails that seem to never end. Here, with a close friend or two, is where you’ll find us filtering water from streams, eating what scraps we have, and partaking in the occasional beverage or two. When it comes to my ideal sleep setup, I opt for ENO's ultralight system to keep my bike weight down and save room for other essentials. The ENO SuperSub Ultralight Hammock, Helios Ultralight Hammock Straps, and Guardian SL Bug Net are my go-to products for a rain-free spring cycling adventure."


Two people hammock using the Fuse Tandem Hammock System while cuddling a dog.


Sarah, Digital Content Producer

"Local parks are my favorite place to hammock. It's an accessible way to get outside, with the added benefit of people (and dog) watching. Seeing my city full of active people enjoying the outdoors fills my cup. I opt for a DoubleNest Hammock so I can always accommodate a friend. When I don't feel like sharing... the Fuse Tandem Hammock System is my favorite party trick to transform a single spot into a duo's hammock paradise. I keep these items in my car 100% of the time because you never know when the moment to hang out will strike."


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