3 Outdoor Date Ideas With Your ENO Gear

Dates don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Focus on spending quality time together in places that you love. Here are three low-cost date ideas featuring your favorite ENO gear. 
3 Outdoor Date Ideas With Your ENO Gear

It doesn’t have to be an anniversary or a holiday to plan a meaningful date with that special someone. Classic dates like going out to a fancy restaurant or visiting your local movie theater have their place, but creating some novelty leads to a memorable time together. Lucky for you, we’re playing cupid and sharing three low-cost outdoor date ideas to pair with your favorite ENO gear. 


A couple shares an ENO DoubleNest Hammock near a river

1) Hike with a DoubleNest Hammock

Go to your favorite trail, walk hand-in-hand through nature, and marvel at the surrounding beauty. Moving your bodies will make your mind and muscles feel at ease while also sparking a flow in conversation. When you’re ready to relax, hang up your DoubleNest Hammock made for two, a hanging outdoor loveseat meant to be shared. It's the perfect excuse to get close. 😉


Two people share a picnic using an ENO Islander Blanket Print covered in snacks.

 2) Picnic with a view with an Islander Blanket Print

Food tastes better outside and when shared with those you love. Changing up your routine or your view heightens your senses, making you more aware and appreciative of the present moment. Pack your favorite treats or meal to go, grab your compact Islander Blanket (our favorite is the Tie Dye Print), and get to snackin’! Whether you’re people-watching in the park or soaking in a scenic vista, this simple-n-sweet date is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Two people sit in ENO Lounger GL Chairs in front of a lake and watch the sunset.

3) Sunset and stargaze with some Lounger GL Chairs

Our newest chair, the Lounger GL, was practically made with this date in mind. It’s one part blanket, one part chair, offering you support while lounging or connecting with nature… and with each other. The Lounger GL Chair’s design is ideal for soaking in the sunset, reclining back to name constellations, and wishing on shooting stars. To set the mood, bring along your handy Twilights Camp Lights, creating the perfect ambiance for connection. This romantic end to the day will have them dreaming of more time together.


Dates don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Focus on spending quality time together in places that you love. Let us know, what are your favorite outdoor dates?


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